Mandela Sign Interpreter should have been Lydia Callis – Why?

Lydia Callis would have been perfect for the Mandela Memorial

Lydia Callis Should have been the Mandela Sign Interpreter Lydia Callis weiged in on the Mandea Memorial sign interpreter issue – Animal New York

In light of the controversy, we asked Lydia Callis, the New York City-based sign language interpreter who gained fame for her television appearances alongside Mayor Bloomberg during Hurricane Sandy, for her take. Though as an American Sign Language interpreter, Callis wasn’t able to weigh in on the mechanics of South African Sign Language and the specific ways in which Jantjie’s interpretation may have went wrong, she did offer some insight into the nuances of sign language, and the ways in which the culture of a place can influence how the deaf communicate.

Lydia Callis would have been perfect for the Mandela Memorial
Lydia Callis would have been perfect for the Mandela Memorial

What happens when K-Pop meets Deaf Culture – when two great memes collide? Lydia Callis and Park Jae-sang perform with such mesmerizing style and idiosyncratic verve that, despite a language barrier, they’ve become instant icons. Don’t they deserve their own remix? The only question: Will Psy use KSL and ASL interpreters in his next video? H/T – Marco Meme

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Jimmy Kimmel brought in a Sign Language  interpreter to interpret the Interpreter. Here is what happened:

Many prominent leaders from around the world went to Nelson Mandela’s memorial service in South Africa and, as is often the case at big events like this, they had a sign language interpreter there to translate for the hearing impaired. The only problem was that the movements the translator was making with his hands made no sense and many people became suspicious of him. So we brought in a real sign language interpreter to tell us what this guy was actually signing.

Jimmy Kimmel Live – Sign Language Interpreter Translates Mandela Memorial Imposter’s Signs

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