Hollywood Hypocrites and #GetCovered

Hollywood hypocrites and their social change dictates are amusing to watch.  Lets fly around the world to talk Global Warming and public transport,  Talk about the evilness of capitalism and brag about their latest movie take at the Box office. And of course recently we hear of Actress Jane Fonda’s Foundation that hasn’t given a red cent to charity since 2006 with almost $800,000 in the Bank.

John Stossel had this to say

dobrev-poehlerI’m annoyed that so many Hollywood celebrities hate the system that made them rich.

Actor/comedian Russell Brand told the BBC he wants “a socialist, egalitarian system based on the massive redistribution of wealth.”

Director George Lucas got rich not just from movies but also by selling Star Wars merchandise. Yet he says he believes in democracy but “not capitalist democracy.”

Actor Martin Sheen says, “That’s where the problem lies … It’s corporate America.” And so on. On my TV show, actor/author Kevin Sorbo pointed out that such sentiments make little sense coming from entertainers. “It’s a very entrepreneurial business. You have to work very hard to get lucky, mixed with any kind of talent to get a break in this business. I told Clooney, George, you’re worth $100 million — of course you can afford to be a socialist!”

It’s bad enough that celebrities trash the only economic system that makes poor people’s lives better. What’s worse is that many are hypocrites.

Celebrities who support big-government politicians routinely take advantage of tax breaks, which reduce the amount they contribute to that government.

It’s nice that Obama supporter Bon Jovi has a foundation that builds houses for poor people, but at tax time, the musician labels himself a “farmer.” He pays only $100 in state property tax. And his tax dodge gimmick: raising honeybees.

Bruce Springsteen sings about factories closing down but pays little tax on the hundreds of acres of land he owns. His dodge: An organic farmer works his land. Hollywood’s campaign to “save the earth” brings out the most hypocrisy.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio recently announced, “I will fly around the world doing good for the environment.”

Really? Flying around the world?

Now These same Hollywood hypocrites are Pushing Obamacare with the Twitter Hashtag #GetCovered

Another example of, ‘For Thee, but not for Me’ –  You really think these folks are enrolling in Obamacare on Healthcare.gov?  These folks have concierge service for their medical issues. These anti-capitalists, social medicine advocates don’t seem to live by their own standards.  Anyone remember that Gun Control video.  A little digging and you can find nearly everyone in the video played in a violent scene with a so-called assault weapon. But that’s Entertainment!

Since this spring, the White House has collaborated with celebrities like Jennifer Hudson and Amy Poehler, as well as the entertainment firm Funny or Die, on projects to engage the elusive 18-to-34-year-olds who must sign up for the program to succeed. Many of Obama’s celebrity allies, including Lady Gaga and actress Connie Britton, posed for pro-Obamacare Twitter and Instagram snapshots during the program’s fall launch. In October, the @BarackObama Instagram account, which is operated by Organizing for America, posted a picture of Britton in a director’s chair with the #GetCovered logo: “Listen to Connie Britton. #GetCovered,” the message said.

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Twitter: #GetCovered

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