Interview: The Ultimate Life of Drew Waters

Drew Waters is most recognized for his three-year recurring role as Coach Wade Aikman on the Emmy-Award-winning hit series Friday Night Lights on NBC. He has also recently had multiple guest-lead roles in many popular network shows such as: Chase (NBC), Victorious (Nickelodeon), Breaking Bad (AMC), Breakout Kings (TNT), The Lying Game (ABC), as well as many others. His most recent films include a supporting lead role in Cowgirls & Angels opposite Bailee Madison where he played her father. Drew also recently had starring roles in Breaking The Press as Joe Conaghey, Hit List opposite Cuba Gooding Jr., Mad Money starring Katie Holmes and Diane Keaton, Legend Of Hells Gate opposite Jenna Dewan, and Wonderful World with Matthew Broderick. Drew was kind enough to speak with The Williams View about his new film, “The Ultimate Life,” Success, his Faith, Acting and future projects.

Jennifer Williams:  How did you get starting in acting?

Drew Waters:  I came out of Orange, Texas and I joined the Navy and tried to get away from a small town and travel the world.  A friend of mine in the military got a part-time job as a modeling scout and one day over breakfast, he said he wanted me to take me to a modeling agency.  I said no, but he talked me into it.  It turned out that this agency in Virginia Beach really liked me, so they sent me to a convention… and I win it!  I thought being in the Navy would take me all over the world, but four years later when I got out, I was doing something I never thought that I would do in a million years and I’ve seen the world ten times over.  Finally, I end up in Tokyo, Japan for a Dell Computer commercial [in front] of some big green-screens with a [Japanese] translator and I fell in love with it.  Five years after that is when I actually decided to chase my dream of being an actor.


Jennifer Williams:  Thank you for your service.   What attracted you to “The Ultimate Life”?

Drew Waters:  Well, Michael Landon, Jr.’s reputation is great as a Director and a Writer in the stories he tells.  But, my character in “The Ultimate Life” is Red Stevens and I kind of lived him.  I grew up in a blue-collar family and my dad is a mechanic, he worked hard all his life.  I started working when I was twelve years-old and I got caught up in the money race.  I was a little bit insecure and shy, but I thought that the more money I had, the more people would like me.  I woke up at the age of thirty owning three retail establishments, a full-blown construction company with partners and I was miserable.  I was making great money, but I was just miserable.  I had a two year-old daughter and I was telling her that she could be anything she could dream of.  When I looked myself in the mirror, I challenged myself to do the same.So one August day, I decided that I would sell everything and chase my dream as hard as I possibly could to show my girls that it is never too late.  And that is what really drove me to my character, Red Stevens.  Red was chasing a dream and at the end of it – he wasn’t happy when he finally fulfilled it and he realized that he left so many people behind during the process that he had to rekindle all of those [relationships].

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