Global Temps down –0.02 C per decade last 17 Years

Well,  the Weather outside if frightful and the Global Warming folks are not insightful. For the last 17 years, the Global Warming/Climate Change advocates predicted a +0.23 Celsius per decade increase, but actual data says that over the last 17 years global temperatures have actually dropped by  –0.02 Celsius per decade.

gore icecapWe might add here that Global Warming Alarmist, Al Gore said the Polar Ice Caps would be gone in five years…. that was five years ago.

This comes from – Whither went the warmer weather?


The Long Pause just got three months longer. Last month, the RSS monthly global mean lower-troposphere temperature anomalies showed no global warming for exactly 204 months – the first dataset to show the full 17 years without warming specified by Santer as demonstrating that the models are in fundamental error.


The sharp drop in global temperature in the past month has made itself felt, and not just in the deep snow across much of North America and the Middle East. The RSS data to November 2013, just available after a delay caused by trouble with the on-board ephemeris on one of the satellites, show no global warming at all for 17 years 3 months.

It is intriguing, and disturbing, that WattsUpWithThat is just about the only place where you will be allowed to see this or any graph showing the spectacularly zero trend line through 207 continuous months of data.


CO2 concentration continues to climb. Global temperature doesn’t. Absence of correlation necessarily implies absence of causation. Game over, logically speaking.




On any objective test of newsworthiness, the fact of 17 years 3 months with no global warming is surely of more than passing interest to audiences who have been terrified, over and over again, by the over-confident proclamations of the true-believers that catastrophic global warming was the surest of sure things.

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