Obama List of Lies for 2013

The Liar in Chief (Media Credit: Ben Garrison)

Below is a list of Obama’s documented lies so far with the most recent lies first. If you see we are missing a documented lie Submit the lie here.

The Liar in Chief – Media Credit: Ben Garrison

Lies During the Fifth Year

  1. “If you like your health insurance plan, you can keep it” – Washingtonpost.com
  2. “The NSA is not abusing its power” – Washingtonpost.com
  3. “I said benghazi was a terrorist attack from the beginning.” – Lubbockonline.com
  4. “the foreign intelligence Surveillance court is transparent.” – Politifact.com
  5. “First of all, I didn’t set a red line,” said Obama. “The world set a red line.”Weeklystandard.com  nbcnews

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We like How Flopping Aces arranged it.  A Christmas Story Like Little Orphan Annie Decoder Ring that reveals the hidden meanings of Obama’s statements –

Obama’s secret message for you members of the Organizing for Action secret circle. Remember, Obamabots, only members of..Obama. ‘s secret circle can decode Obama’s secret message. Remember, Obama is depending on you. Set your pins to B-2. Here is the message.

What Obama said                                                                                        What it means

“If you like your health insurance plan, you can keep it”                                  No you can’t.
“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”                                           No you can’t.
Obamacare will save you ”about $2,500 per year.”                                            No it won’t
“The NSA is not abusing its power”                                                                        Yes it is.
If you make less than $250,000 per year you won’t pay one                            Yes you will
penny more in taxes.
Benghazi “protest” was caused by a video                                                             No it wasn’t
“I said benghazi was a terrorist attack from the beginning.”                             No you didn’t.
“First of all, I didn’t set a red line,”                                                                         Yes you did.
“You didn’t build that”                                                                                               Yes I did.
Obamacare fee is not a new tax                                                                                Yes it is.
“We shouldn’t mandate the purchase of health care”                                        ’Nuff said.
Would have the most transparent administration in history                             LMAO
I never met my uncle.                                                                                                 Lived with him
No more wiretapping of citizens                                                                  Worse now than ever.
Mother was denied insurance                                                                            An abominable lie.
Knew nothing about IRS abuse.                                                                            Not credible
Al Qaeda is on the run                                                                                               Um, nope.
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