Poll: Should Government provide Minimum Income to Every Citizen?

Switzerland is to vote on giving every citizen an unconditional income of €2,000 or about $2746.80 per month USD

SWITZERLAND HAS A very direct style of democracy.

GovernmentDoleFor example, changes to the constitution, or “popular initiatives”, can be proposed by members of the public and are voted on if more than 100,000 people sign them. If a majority of voters and cantons (Swiss states) agree, the change can be come law.

This system not only allows individual citizens a high degree of control of their laws, but also means that more unorthodox ideas become referendum issues.

“Fat cat”

Recently, there has been a spate of popular initiatives designed to curb inequality in the country. Earlier this year Swiss voters agreed to an idea proposed by entrepreneur Thomas Minder that limited executive (in his words, “fat cat”) salaries of companies listed on the Swiss stock market.

Next month voters will decide on the 1:12 Initiative, which aims to limit the salaries of CEOs to 12 times the salary of their company’s lowest paid employee.

However, there’s an even more radical proposal in the works than this. Earlier this month an initiative aimed at giving every Swiss adult a “basic income” that would “ensure a dignified existence and participation in the public life of the whole population” gained enough support to qualify for a referendum.

The amount suggested is 2,500 francs (€2,033) a month.

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So we are interested in what you think Take this 1World Online Poll – Should government provide minimum unconditional income to every citizen?


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