Domestic Terror and Strategic US Infrastructure


Are Americans at the mercy of Obama White House denial of domestic threats?
Are Americans at the mercy of Obama White House denial of domestic threats?

Will America be undermined from within?

The Defense Department had been aware for decades that crucial US infrastructure such as communications capability and utility grids have been vulnerable to attacks from either foreign powers from abroad or domestic terrorists. As early as the 1970’s during the “Cold War” the American military knew long before Flight 800, 9-11, and the seeming rash of disturbed lone gunman attacks of the present in public places that America was in peril, our beloved homeland was at risk.

Threats from abroad

EMP (electromagnetic pulse) could be generated with devastating effect upon all US electronic communication devices by the simple detonation of a nuclear device in orbit directly over the continental United States. Such an orbital level atomic explosion could literally revert the nation back into the dark ages. There was an answer to this that was quickly implemented by the armed services. To harden or shield the wiring and printed circuits from EMP with a coating or covering that would alleviate such a threat. One might ask why if this was such a potentially eminent threat was this procedure not adopted for civilian components? Why were citizens overlooked? Do we not have an essential need to know, a right to have our ability to communicate protected if technology exists to provide such an alternative? Ask yourself how much the government is really concerned about your ability to survive in a blackout scenario?

No longer the simplicity of the Cold War

The world is a much different place now than it was in the 1970’s even with the “Cold War” ultimately decided in favor of the US when President Ronald Reagan called for Premier Gorbachev to “Tear Down this wall” in reference to the destruction of the Berlin Wall, a lasting vestige of Soviet hostility to the west and to the advocacy of freedom. The super powers opposed to the US quickly splintered from a bankrupted Soviet Russia to a proliferation of terrorist groups who profited from the wholesale sell off of all types of Russian military weaponry sold to the highest bidder of and funded by Middle East nation states who harbored radical Muslim extremists. Even the missing quantities of fissionable material used by the Russians for their nuclear warheads suspiciously disappeared as Russian generals siphoned off surplus hardware and munitions as the Soviet Union dissolved under the weight of economic exhaustion in its arms race with the United States.

Failure of the federal government to defend us

Now here in the aftermath of the 9-11 disaster we have another unperceived threat to American infrastructure and utility grid systems that could create utter chaos within the domestic zone interior of America. It seems that there has been an irreversible move by the US government to not only ignore this threat and to also hold the American public hostage in lieu of the compromise of our defenses. It seems the present administration will cover cyber-attack threats while ignoring infiltration across the borders of our southern states as illegal immigrants, drug cartel members, criminals, and terrorists flow into our country as the states, attempting to uphold federal immigration law are hindered by law suits from the Holder Department of Justice under the aegis of discrimination.

Legislation targeted at We The People

While FEMA enacts legislation to become a holding facility for detainees, as Homeland Security buys millions of rounds of hollow point bullets keeping ammunition out of the hands of legal citizen gun owners, and President Obama uses executive orders to authorize S.1867 to authorize the US military to hold suspected terrorists (citizens) indefinitely without court orders, still military assaults against public utility companies are being carried out with little press coverage. With relatively little sophistication and commonly available semi-automatic rifles and even low 22 caliber weapons the perpetrators can fire away at electrical transformers, crawl into manholes and cut fiber optic cables used by utility providers to manage their systems and wreak havoc within the United States using these simple commando tactics.

Internal changes to American landscape

Not only has the US experienced a drastic influx of demographical transformation that has changed voting tendencies with illegal alien residency, but that influx has also helped to allow the insurgence of terrorists who have entered our borders unchallenged by border patrols and sheriff departments forced to fight the problem with one hand tied behind their backs thanks to the meddling of our federal government. In plain English, liberal ideology has weakened the defense of our nation and forced us to negotiate out of weakness with our terrorist enemies. The compromise of our domestic security by the Obama White House may ensure a disastrous future of our country in the event of well-coordinated series of attacks orchestrated across the energy grids of our major cities when authorities have been oriented to deny the capability of relatively low tech assaults. These operations could easily cause massive grid failures, fires, gas line explosions, and more.

Willful disregard by White House

Most of these nightmare scenarios could be averted if the policies of the agencies of the Obama administration did not interfere with domestic defense capability and insisted upon denying that threats other than cyber-attacks were more likely to happen and go unheeded if the present attitude of our federal government persists. One could easily extrapolate the actions of the White House and it’s agencies of criminal and military mobilization as a prelude to martial law in the face of intentionally allowing attacks that would seemingly justify the swift war time control of all US resources for the response to terrorist attacks allowed to be spawned by federal government neglect and sanctioned refusal to prepare for the inevitable.

Untrusted for a reason

Public mistrust of our government is at a record high thanks to the scandals that seem to come non-stop as they emerge from the secretive and radically oriented Obama White House. Our federal government need not wonder about just why American citizens doubt the motives of the Obama White House as our economic problems continue unabated, border security lags, conservatives are targeted for attack by federal agencies like the IRS, and our foreign policy ties directly to possible threats within the US itself.

It is already happening here

PG&E of California found out just how lethal a military style but relatively low tech threat could cause serious damage to a massive electrical power station when one or two perpetrators crawled into manhole tunnels and created serious damage while going undetected by security or local police. Near San Jose fiber optic cables were sheared, bullets were fired at oil coolers designed to dissipate transformer heat, and a deadly lesson was demonstrated to authorities over the grim implications of such attacks. The truth as that little if anything had been done to address the horrid potential of such assaults even when relatively low cost solutions can be augmented toward frustrating these kinds of attacks.

Damning conclusion

One might ask if it is inevitable that America will be incapacitated by its very own unwillingness to recognize the drastic threats that could quickly render our society into a chaotic nightmare of grid failure, electrical fires, and worse simply because government officials refuse to deal with the certainty of future domestic terrorism. Whether America will succumb to such threats will be decided largely by federal policy and whether private security deployed by utility providers will address these grim scenarios that are not the stuff of paranoia as we see them already taking place in locations such as San Jose, California.

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