Benghazi Attack: Bush's Fought

Media Credit: Stilton Jarlsberg

We knew this was coming.  Last week, the New York Times said that Benghazi was not Al Qaeda at all, the attack was indeed as Susan Rice said, all due to anger over an anti-Islam Video.

When that didn’t fly too well, the Obama administration go to man to blame for everything.  Seems the Washington Post is now alluding that Bush released a terrorist from GITMO that ended up heading up the attacks on Benghazi.

Wait a minute!  Now the guy who attacked the Benghazi consulate was a terrorist  with ties to Al Qaeda and George Bush let him go!

Media Credit: Stilton Jarlsberg
Media Credit:
Stilton Jarlsberg

You see Bush is really the destroyer of America and Obama and Democrats are really the saviors of our Democracy!

“U.S. officials” tell the Washington Post that Abu Sufian bin Qumu, a Libyan jihadi leader held as an enemy combatant at Guantanamo Bay after the 9/11 attacks, assisted in the attack on an American consulate in Benghazi that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other U.S. citizens.

Qumu—who runs an Islamic militia several hours outside Benghazi—reportedly trained and lived with Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda operatives in the 90s before fighting the U.S. in Afghanistan after the 2001 invasion. He was caught in Pakistan and sent to Gitmo, where he was known as Prisoner 557.

Qumu had a personality disorder, untreated tuberculosis, and “a long-term association with Islamic extremist jihad and members of Al Qaeda,” according to leaked military records. Even as authorities pondered his release from Gitmo, the military dossier on Qumu had called him “a MEDIUM to HIGH risk, as he is likely to pose a threat to the U.S., its interests and allies.” He left Cuba and was placed in Libyan custody in 2007.

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