Is Chris Christie Vindictive? Enter GW Bridge Lane Closures

Media Credit: Mike Peters

Rush Limbaugh wondered if Chris Christie 2012 embrace of Obama a week prior to the election and a Romney free keynote speech at the GOP Convention more about Romney not asking him to be his running mate.  Seems Christie may have a vindictive streak.

Note the GW Bridge Lane Closings:

A series of newly obtained emails and text messages shows that Gov. Chris Christie’s office was closely involved with lane closings on the New Jersey side of the George Washington Bridge in September, and that officials closed the lanes as retribution against the mayor whose town was gridlocked as a result.

Media Credit:  Mike Peters
Media Credit: Mike Peters

Mr. Christie has insisted that his staff and his campaign office had nothing to do with the local lane closings, and said that they were done as part of a traffic study. The bridge scandal highlights one of his biggest vulnerabilities as Mr. Christie steps out onto the national stage as a potential presidential candidate: the accusation that he is a bully who retaliates against the smallest slights.

The emails show that Bridget Anne Kelly, a deputy chief of staff in Mr. Christie’s office, gave a signal to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to close the lanes about two weeks before the closings occurred.

“Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee,” she emailed David Wildstein, Mr. Christie’s close friend from high school, and one of his appointees at the Port Authority, which controls the bridge.

After the emails were released on Wednesday, Mr. Christie canceled his one public event for the day, which had been billed as an announcement of progress in the recovery from Hurricane Sandy. His office had no immediate comment.

Mr. Christie’s handpicked chairman of the Port Authority, David Samson, was also involved in the closings, according to the emails, which describe his efforts to “retaliate” against New York officials who had not been told of the changes and sought to ease the gridlock.

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Keep in mind this story was filter through the Media wing of the Democratic Party three weeks ago.  We should be calling MSNBC Hillary Clintons 2016 Public Relations office – MSNBC Rachel Maddow had this story in December

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