Roger Ailes Re-hired Palin to Piss off Liberals who want her dead

It Appears Roger Ailes doesn’t mind all the Sarah Palin hate out there, in fact he thrives on it.  Seems that Ailes knows how to create buzz and since liberals love to hate Sarah Palin, he figures it will put more eyes on her segments.

Remember in media, say what you want, just spell the name correctly.

Why bring back Sarah Palin just a few months after not renewing her contract?

palin-mooseThe only two people I knew who got worse press than her were Richard Nixon and George W. Bush — some of it unfairly, much of it unfair to her family. She’s recognizable, she’s attractive, and she still has the message of stop raising taxes. The Tea Party started as a group that [the government] could make go home to bake meatloaf at any point in the last three years by simply doing two things: Stop raising taxes and stop stealing their money. Congress can’t stop spending money. I’m not a defender of everything she says. I don’t hear everything she says. But I know she represents a certain group of people who rose up against their own party, which you rarely see. I probably hired her back, if you really want to get to the bottom of it, to give her a chance to say her piece and piss off the people that wanted her dead.

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  1. I beg to differ. Ann Coulter’s role as a guest FOX commentator is simply to piss people off with her constant barrage of bigoted insults.

    Sarah Palin — with her simple-minded, frequently nonsensical observations and petty snarkisms — plays a fundamentally different role — comic relief.