Satire: Chris Christie Bridge-gate – Jersey Shore Fort Lee

Governor Chris Christie has created himself the perfect storm over engineered traffic jams in a New Jersey town last September to punish its mayor. Political investigations have now begun on Christie’s inner circle of aides after emails and text messages were released on Wednesday linking the aides to the scandal.

jerseyshoreChristie has come out saying that he is “outraged and deeply saddened” and has said that he was misled by his aide. Christie has denied any involvement in the political retribution scandal.

The emails and texts were received by news agencies Wednesday as a statehouse investigation into whether the lane closings that let to the traffic gridlock were retribution against Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich for not endorsing Christie for re-election last year.

“Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee,” Christie deputy chief of staff Bridget Anne Kelly wrote in August in an exchange to David Wildstein, a top Christie appointee on the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

“Got it,” Wildstein replied. A few weeks later, Wildstein closed two of three lanes connecting Fort Lee to the George Washington Bridge.

The emails and texts seem to contradict Christie’s claims that the closing were not punitive and that his aides were not involved.

Christie issued a statement late Wednesday, “I am outraged and deeply saddened to learn that not only was I misled by a member of my staff, but this completely inappropriate and unsanctioned conduct was made without my knowledge.”

Mayor Sokolich called it “appalling” that the traffic gridlock appears to have been deliberately caused.

The traffic jams occurred between Sept. 9 and Sept. 13. Port Authority officials later said that the lane closures were part of a traffic study. Too bad no study has been produced.

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  1. How about the Truth for a Change:

    Threat to Obamacare Behind Bridgegate Provocation!

    One Provocation Too Many! People Start to Smell a Rat!

    Although Chris Christie has taken Reprisals and Retaliated when Democratic Mayors would
    Not Endorse Him, Bridgegate for the Obama Regime has Little to Do with
    “Vendettas” or “Revenge and Everything to do with OBAMACARE!”

    The Obama Regime wants to Prosecute “Bridgegate as an ABUSE OF POWER!

    But the Chris Christie Bridgegate Provocation was a PUT-UP JOB—Apparently
    Orchestrated by the Obama Regime and “Intelligence Community” in order to
    Discredit the Republican Demagogue Christie prior to the 2016 Presidential
    Election! Before Bridgegate Christie could have defeated anyone who supported
    The hated Population Reduction Measure—“ObamaCare”—and has threatened To

    INTRODUCTION: It is an
    indisputable fact that the Obama Regime would be “out to get” and to discredit
    anyone who represents a viable threat to Obamacare—designed as a clumsy
    population reduction measure with maximum deniability! Christie’s
    opposition to Obamacare is coming FROM THE RIGHT NOT THE LEFT! Christie
    simply opposes government involvement in healthcare and would be opposed to
    Socialized Medicine to an even greater degree than the Obamacare Scam! The
    masses want and need Socialized Medicine but the capitalists would never do
    what is necessary to make that easily affordable even under capitalism. Today
    there is more money in the United States than ever before in all history,
    enough money for each and every person to live like a millionaire this minute
    with no exception and with no exaggeration! Yet there is also the greatest
    income disparity, the greatest income difference, in all human history! The
    capitalists have stolen all the money! Paying for the so-called “Single-Payer Plan”
    would be very, very easy if the capitalist dictatorship would TAX ALL
    INCOME! But that will never happen under capitalism! Only the first $117,000,
    the Federal Taxable Wage Base, is taxed! Through this mechanism of paying
    Federal Income Taxes on only a tiny percentage of their income and “Supply-Side
    Economics” and $4.7 trillion bank bailouts the remaining tax base has been
    deliberately, artificially and maliciously undermined to produce a “strategic
    budget deficit” as the pretext to wage escalating economic warfare of
    extermination against the American people in a program called Enforced
    Social Darwinism!


    question is whether Bridgegate and the events surrounding Chris Christie are
    part of an orchestrated, choreographed and carefully designed Provocation, or
    whether they just happened spontaneously like Topsy. The answer may be a little
    bit of both! One of the first calculated laws of a Provocation or political
    assassination is that the person(s) being targeted or their surviving family in
    the case of assassination, for example, is the least aware of what is happening
    or, the precise reasons for the Provocation due to its shock nature and the
    fact that it is often completely unexpected! That has proved true with
    Republican Governor Chris Christie. If Christie were to simply explain the gist
    of what follows, assuming he agrees with this materialist analysis, he could
    make political hay for himself and use what appears to be a
    U.S.-government-orchestrated Provocation to help himself enormously rather than
    foolishly playing a defensive game, which Christie is doing 100%!

    capitalist dictatorship wants the masses to believe that the Governor of New
    Jersey, Chris Christie himself, in a supposed act of hubris (Christie is an
    egomaniac), and vengeance, directed against the Democratic Mayor of Fort Lee,
    New Jersey, Mark Sokolich, supposedly in retribution “for not supporting his
    second candidacy for Governor,” had 2 of 3 access lanes of I-95 leading to the
    George Washington Bridge closed in supposed “retaliation” from September 9th
    to September 13th, 2013 in order to snarl traffic and “punish
    Sokolich?” The pretext for the lanes closures was supposedly for “a traffic
    study,” but the procedures for such a study were not followed according to Senator
    Jay Rockefeller from West Virginia (!?), who received a letter from the Port
    documenting that the Port Authority had NOT followed their own correct
    procedures. By its immediate intervention and statements the USA capitalist
    dictatorship has indicated that it intends to “MAKE A FEDERAL CASE OUT OF IT, and has
    initiated a wide-ranging investigation that will include Christie’s use of $25
    million in Hurricane Sandy Relief money for an ad campaign to promote the
    Jersey Shore! Bridgegate began with the media, which is simply an arm of the USA
    “intelligence community (see below),” publishing an email from
    Christie’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Bridgett Anne Kelly, effectively directing
    the Port Authority (PA) official, David Wildenstein, to close the lanes,
    stating: “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee” with Wildenstein’s
    response: “Got it” sealing the issue. The U.S. “intelligence community” knew
    the fact that Wildenstein was a former Livingston High School classmate and
    long-time friend of Christie who was personally appointed by Gov. Christie,
    would just make him very easy to manipulate and better insure the success of
    the Bridgegate Provocation.

    to Bridgegate, the New York Times (January 14, 2014) and other sources revealed that
    Christie had apparently withheld Port Authority Funds and Hurricane Sandy
    Recovery and Relief Funds from several Democratic New Jersey mayors for not
    endorsing his re-election! The Mayor of Jersey City, Steven Fulop, was denied
    money from the Port Authority and Hurricane Sandy relief funds as well as
    cooperation on multiple levels, which was first offered and then withdrawn as
    six (6) meetings set up to help the city were canceled within an hour of his
    informing Christie’s office that for political reasons he could not support
    Christie’s re-election. Fulop recounted that Jersey City had a high number of
    Gay men and Lesbians and Christie was fighting the Legislature’s attempt to
    legalize same sex marriage. On January 22nd Christie reversed his
    position on same sex marriage and now supports it! Then on January 17, 2014 the Democratic Mayor of Hoboken, Dawn
    Zimmer, who had always supported Chris Christie, said that Christie threatened
    and then withhold Hurricane Sandy relief funds over her opposition to the
    lucrative “Rockefeller Group” redevelopment project, which was deemed
    inappropriate by the Hoboken Planning Board. Zimmer said that Hoboken, which
    was 80% underwater after Hurricane Sandy and which had suffered extensive
    damage as a result, had so far only received tiny grants of $142,000 and
    $200,000 from the $127 million of relief funds requested and from the $25
    million available statewide. If Zimmer can document her claims in court then it
    is NOT simply a case of “She said versus She said,” with Zimmer accusing New
    Jersey Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno of delivering the threat, “a direct
    message from the governor.” Note that by October 13, 2013, 58 elected Democrats
    had endorsed Chris Christie.

    It is a
    fact that immediately after Hurricane Sandy, which more than any other event,
    built the reputation of Chris Christie, Obama, in an effort to demonstrate
    involvement and simultaneously win over Republican voters telephoned Chris
    Christie early on October 30, 2011 (The Bergen Record, October 13, 2013) and
    visited and toured New Jersey devastation the next day. Obama and Christie
    spoke every day for 10 days and Obama helped him immediately in each and every
    instance that he had any problem, e.g. with FEMA or the Army. Obama was doing
    it for his own purposes obviously to get re-elected and Christie was doing it
    to help New Jersey recover after Hurricane Sandy and to help his own
    re-election prospects. When Christie started calling Obamacare a “failure that
    won’t succeed” he told the truth but betrayed the Obama Regime. So the Obama
    Regime was doubly motivated to neutralize Republican Chris Christie and it
    appears that is what has happened with Bridgegate! Calling it an orchestrated
    provocation by the Obama Regime would do the most to putting it into proper

    It is a fact that
    capitalist politicians reward their friends and punish their enemies. As
    described above Chris Christie went to the limit after his second election as
    New Jersey Governor. That is capitalism,
    and Christie is undoubtedly 100% guilty of “abuse of power” in these cited instances, but
    Christie should demand a Jury Trial and the issue should not be “decided” by
    the say-so pronouncement of an Obama Regime prosecutor, judge OR
    Obama-packed agency! But if the Obama Regime and so-called “intelligence
    community,” which includes the media, were to have first begun their
    media-wide, full-court press targeting Christie simply with a charge of
    “misallocation of Hurricane Sandy Funds,” and “depriving Democratic Mayors of
    money to rebuild” it would have looked very much like a case of SOUR
    GRAPES! Especially after Obama himself visited New Jersey 2 days after the
    storm! Therefore, some other event was definitely needed and that event appears
    to be the carefully worked out and fully and successfully orchestrated:
    Bridgegate! The “intelligence community” knew all of Christie’s staff. They
    knew all his appointments. Most importantly they had a person inside the
    Christie Administration: Bridget Anne Kelly, who understood “National Security!”

    The most
    likely explanation for Bridgegate is that Chris Christie’s Deputy Chief of
    Staff, Bridget Anne Kelly, was apparently contacted by a high-ranking person
    from the misnamed, so-called “intelligence community” on the basis of “National
    Security” and quizzed as to her position on Obamacare and other matters. Prior
    to contact, so-called “intelligence” already had at their disposal Kelly’s full
    dossier. The fact that she had worked for Senator John McCain’s fake “presidential
    campaign,” which was deliberately self-sabotaged by McCain himself and the
    media on the basis of “National Security” in order to insure that the Democrat
    Obama would be elected President, because only a Democrat, with the support of
    the traditional Democratic constituencies, could be able to ram through what
    were previously known as the “Bush Programs.” And that has happened in spades!
    Obama makes Bush look like a choirboy both in foreign policy by the multiple
    wars he has started and by his multiple assassinations, and also domestically
    with Obamacare, the “Sequester,” Government Shutdowns, “Budget Deals” and “Race
    to the Top, ”all highly contrived programs of Enforced Social Darwinism and population

    Anne Kelly
    would HAVE TO HAVE KNOWN that McCain was
    self-sabotaging his own 2008 campaign so the request by the “intelligence
    community” for her to help carry out a similar maneuver which would sabotage
    the 2016 Presidential Campaign of her current boss Chris Christie, if not his
    prospects to even receive the Republican nomination would not be rejected out
    of hand simply because she was already compromised by her participation in the
    self-sabotaged 2008 McCain Campaign. During Kelly’s employment by McCain the
    “intelligence community” already had her personality profile, resume
    (curriculum vitae), family history and perhaps most importantly a record of all
    of her recent telephone conversations word for word and her recent email
    activity word for word and her Internet activity! The latter we know for a fact
    from the revelations of Andrew J. Snowden. From this information the Capitalist
    Dictatorship in its latest Obama Regime incarnation knew they had the woman for
    the job! This is the ONLY explanation which fits the facts! Anne Kelly
    was undoubtedly assured that no harm would come to her for helping out the
    Regime. And in fact her rehabilitation as “team player” has already begun with
    an extremely ingratiating article in the New York Times, (January 14, 2014). So it
    appears that the Obama Regime and “intelligence community” are demonstrating
    its thanks to Ms. Kelly and she undoubtedly still has a “bright future.”

    In deciding
    whether the above materialist analysis is correct the question then becomes
    what makes the most sense and who had the actual MOTIVE to shut
    down traffic to the George Washington Bridge and snarl traffic? Motive was
    always the most important aspect of an crime according to Sherlock Holmes: “Who
    has the MOTIVE dear Dr. Watson?” And WHO has the resources to point a BIG
    TIME FINGER at Christie and partially at least FRAME HIM UP? Christie himself would have no such motive
    to design such a contrived traffic jam with the support of over 58 Democratic
    New Jersey mayors! But that number may now dwindle to nothing! Though he is a
    Republican demagogue and generally rewards his friends and punishes his enemies
    like all other capitalist politicians, Christie is an attorney and understands
    the law very well. Moreover CHRISTIE HAD NO MOTIVE to
    generate problems for himself or those traveling by car into Manhattan, which
    would include many people from New Jersey! The Bridgegate allegations do not
    make political sense. Christie—a Demagogue—would NEVER do anything
    undermine his own political base—the citizens of New Jersey! Christie
    had in addition no history of acting in such a way to inflict “vengeance” or
    “seek revenge” on the constituencies of Democrats who did not support his
    second gubernatorial bid! But that revenge seems to have now materialized.
    Bridgegate appears to be a carefully thought, well designed PROVOCATION to damage
    Christie’s nomination as the Republican candidate against the Democrat Hillary,
    who has clearly already been made “president” by the capitalist dictatorship of
    millionaires and billionaires in order to continue the Obama programs…as long
    as she does not have to go against Chris Christie!


    Obamacare, which is consistently opposed by 55% of the population, is one of
    the greatest fears of the far-right Obama Regime and the capitalist
    dictatorship, which wants to reduce the USA population generally and
    change the so-called “Population Demographic” in order to substantially reduce
    the number of older people. The capitalist dictatorship intends to achieve this
    objective by bringing a significant percentage of Americans to an earlier
    death! This is to be accomplished by waging an economic war of extermination on
    every conceivable basis against the American people! This is another way of saying
    that the capitalist dictatorship seeks to murder a significant percentage of
    its people. The Obama Regime and the USA capitalist dictatorship of
    millionaires and billionaires is using as its weapons in the population
    reduction scheme: 1.) The Targeted Depression affecting primarily the Working
    Class, the Poor and People of Color; 2.) Obamacare; 3.) the “Sequester;”4.) The
    unanimous cutting of Food Stamps by both Republicans and Democrats in both the
    House and the Senate; 5.) The consistently high rate of Mortgage Foreclosures;
    6.) The cutting of $716 Billion from Medicare and 7.) The program of
    “Biofuels.” ALL are designed to help achieve this objective of a reduced
    population and changed population demographic! For example, Biofuels are NOT designed
    to make the USA energy independent or energy efficient. By LAW, By Mandate, 40% of the U.S. corn
    crop must be sold to be burned to produce a 10% Biofuel, which destroys
    internal combustion engines. Biofuels are ALL much more expensive to
    produce. Biofuels are actually designed to raise food prices, create food
    shortages and generate Mass Starvation starting in sub-Saharan Africa.

    In order to hoodwink the traditional Democratic constituencies and manipulate
    support for Obamacare, which is a textbook definition of a scam and a total
    healthcare disaster on virtually every basis, from raising the cost of medical
    visits and surgical procedures to outright rationing healthcare to a trickle of
    what was even previously available, all sorts of Big Lies have been employed.
    Closet right-wing Democratic Party characters like Senate Majority Leader Harry
    Reid, have actually tried to foster the ridiculous false belief that Obamacare
    might be a back door to a supposed “Single-Payer” Healthcare System, namely
    Socialized Medicine! Reid answered: “Yes, yes! Absolutely yes!” when he was
    asked on the PBS program “Nevada Week in Review” if his goal was to “move
    Obamacare to a single-payer system”—meaning Socialized Medicine! In this
    instance we can not simply assume that Reid is a naïve simpleton. Reid knows
    very well that capitalism has a development sequence, a dynamic of its own
    entirely independent of the wills of the capitalists and politicians and that
    politicians like himself simply ride that dynamic to the top based on the
    extent that they express and further that One-Way Dynamic of Capitalism, which
    leads to Fascism, barbarism and the End of Civilization. Reid further knows
    that Obamacare—a Far-Right-Wing, Fascist Scheme—is an expression of this
    One-Way Dynamic of Capitalism. For Reid to imply that Obamacare “could
    be moved to” Socialized Medicine is like saying Fascism is the road to Communism,
    when both occupy the opposite ends of the political spectrum. Reid’s suggestion
    would be that of idealist/nihilist idiot Susan Sontag in reverse, who claimed:
    “Communism is a variant of Fascism with a human face.” The Law of Unity of
    Opposites, the Second Law of Dialectical and Historical Materialism, which does
    permit a person to be both a capitalist and Communist simultaneously, would
    probably not apply to Reid’s suggestion! But such a knowingly and deliberately
    false illusion is being perpetrated by the Obama Regime and the capitalist
    dictatorship in order to try to manipulate support for the Fascist Obamacare!


    Capitalist Dictatorship intends to hang their orchestrated Bridgegate
    Provocation around the neck of Chris Christie and possibly rightfully add the
    charge of ABUSE OF POWER in order to discourage support for Christie and
    possibly run him out of office! If Christie is able to expose and properly
    explain Bridgegate as a Deliberately Orchestrated Provocation carried
    out by HIS Enemies in the Obama Regime and the Federal Government,
    who fear that he could lead the overturning of Obamacare, he can might
    still win the Republican nomination and the presidency. Even if he is not able to
    explain this Provocation entirely because of the fact that he himself is the
    target, there is a general awareness that Bridgegate does NOT MAKE SENSE coming out
    of nowhere. But many people understand cause and effect and some are able to
    think inductively and are able to fill in the few gaps! Although it is always
    possible that Chris Christie could be terminated with extreme prejudice it is
    much more likely that the USA capitalist dictatorship will be able to continue
    legal proceedings against Christie to a sufficient extent so that his
    nomination or candidacy will be permanently sabotaged. The media will also do
    everything possible to discredit him on a continuous basis. Further
    provocations, though possible do not appear to be necessary and it does
    look like it will be necessary to directly ASSASSINATE CHRIS CHRISTIE. We are
    living in End-Stage Capitalism and Obama is the “Assassination
    President” as Bush II was the “Torture President,” although Bush also had
    Senator Paul Wellstone and his whole family assassinated for refusing to halt
    his criticism of the Bush Regime! Chris Christie should therefore still watch
    his back.

    William H. Depperman, Coordinator

    United Front Against Racism

    And Capitalism-Imperialism

    New York, N.Y. 10003

    January 22, 2014