Unbelievable! A Law Needed to Protect Children from imaginary Weapons

A new law called, "Common Sense Zero Tolerance Act" will protect Kids from imaginary weapons punishment (Media Credit: Jeremy Kemp)

Yes, it appears that we are now protecting children from weapons that don’t exist. Zero Tolerance has become so intolerant that children with guns made out of pop tarts, chicken wings or even made from a gesture with ones hands has caused Grammar school children legal problems, simply because a teacher or principle can’t determine¬† what is (or is not) a real threat.


A proposed law that would ease school rules when it comes to fake weapons is causing a stir.

It’s called the “Common Sense Zero Tolerance Act” and the bill’s author says it will protect children in school.

A new law called, "Common Sense Zero Tolerance Act" will protect Kids from imaginary weapons punishment  (Media Credit: Jeremy Kemp)
A new law called, “Common Sense Zero Tolerance Act” will protect Kids from being punished for using imaginary weapons
(Media Credit: Jeremy Kemp)

“Real intent, real threats and real weapons should always be dealt with immediately. We need to stop criminalizing children’s imagination and childhood play,” explained Sally Kern, Republican from Oklahoma City.

“If there’s no real intent, there’s no real threat, no real weapon, no real harm is occurring or going to occur, why in the world are we in a sense abusing our children like this.”

Kern authored the bill after hearing about incidents in other states where students faced harsh punishments for incidents involving fake weapons. She said some school administrators just have not used common sense, such as with the 2nd grader from Maryland who was suspended for chewing his pastry into the shape of a gun.

House Bill 2351 states schools shall not “punish, humiliate, intimidate, be condescending to, or bully a student” who has “possession of a toy weapon.”

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