What If Someone Wanted To Take Down America?

George Soros just one of many leftist philanthropists dedicated to radicalizing America
George Soros just one of many leftist philanthropists dedicated to radicalizing America

 Looking at the headlines and controversy that has existed in the US since the present radical Obama White House has been in power, one might see that the nation is in chaos for no good reason at all. It might be an inescapable conclusion for one to arrive at that the policies on Capitol Hill have not only been counterproductive, but intentionally so.  When White House actions result in economic stagnation, social struggle, conflict with the US Constitution, and a refusal to protect the borders of the nation, is it such a far stretch to identify these actions as deliberate? Of course the next logical question would be to ask, just who would be behind this clandestine agenda and for what reason.

Ignoring the success formula

With 92 million Americans out of work or no longer seeking employment one can only point to the mismanagement of the US economy by the Obama administration as the driving force behind this failure to remedy this 5 year malaise that continues to cast a shadow over this nation. With the consistent refusal of the White House to embrace the very supply side economics that brought America out of a steep recession in the mid 1980’s and under President Reagan’s leadership generated more than 20 million jobs, the aim must be deliberate. Why would the Obama Democrats choose to ignore the known formula for economic recovery? Politics and the entrenched ideology of an arrogant President Obama can be one explanation especially in view of the fact that he has absolutely no economic expertise. His decisions and policies absolutely demonstrate this fact.

Flaunting the Constitution

The fact that this president has spoken out against the US Constitution as being an obstacle to his plans also demonstrates a radical mindset that is in opposition to the American heritage of freedom and liberty. Why, once again, would an American president flaunt his disrespect for the founding document of this nation under which all ideals were established that define American exceptionalism. If the highest ranking political officer in the US government refuses to acknowledge the progeny of our founding fathers than something is deathly wrong within our government this indicates a serious problem. Beyond the shortcomings of failed leadership we see indications of intentional ambivalence toward the very principles that made this nation great.

Federal Injustice

With the Department of Justice obstructing the enforcement of immigration law by our border states we see another disturbing form of subterfuge going on from within our federal government. Eric Holder, a US Attorney General who has already been found in contempt by Congress continues to wage an ideological battle against state’s rights when the federal government refuses to uphold the law. This kind of internal compromise by the federal government imposing its will upon the states is a serious red flag that points to a staggering conflict of interest in national security. Why would our own government want to undermine border security and the safety of its own citizens? Is this not a direct contradiction to the best interests of its people?

Who is behind it?

In consideration for these facts alone not to mention so many other contrary acts of defiance aimed at attacking the sovereignty of America, one must come to the inexorable conclusion that our nation is under a coup that originates from the top down. When you consider that Republican controlled Congress has had every opportunity to stop President Obama and the Democrats from succeeding with their radical agenda, and refused to exercise its power, we must acknowledge not just failure but willful surrender of their duty to act as a viable opposition party. Why? Are they cowards? Are they incompetent? Have they been blackmailed by the NSA?

The criminals who go unpunished

The present failure of the two part system in America points to a grievous resistance to the rule of law. A president and Attorney General who should have been impeached long ago remain in power along with their failing policies. Is this an accident? No. The evidence points to the intentional sabotage of the American government as well as our way of life. Still you must wonder who would do such a thing? Who could possibly be behind these acts of betrayal against our nation, and ultimately, the people of the United States?

Known perpetrator

Many investigators have identified leftist billionaire, George Soros, who funds many organizations that serve as radical fronts aimed at interjecting progressive and radical change through left wing propaganda. These organizations seek to defeat conservative policy, elected Republicans, promote abortion, undermine border security, indoctrinate college students on campus, and social engineer American society into socialist redistribution of wealth. Using misleading names that do not reflect the radical agenda of these organizations, George Soros is a dedicated financier of left wing movements that are dedicated to transforming America into a collectivist regime that contradicts the very US Constitution and Bill of Rights that define the backbone of the American heritage.

Enemy of freedom

The George Soros of the world are only part of the problem. For these people who think that society should be shaped and suffocated by big government that is opposed to human rights of all who disagree with them, freedom, small government kept in its place, and a private sector generated economy are the enemy. They will not stop until America had been rid of self-reliance and efficiently run government for the people and by the people.  If this threat is not bad enough for the free thinking American public to deal with there are other foreign influences who seek to subjugate America.

In Part II we will find out more about those who support the radicalization of our government and society.  


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