NLRB to Walmart: Can’t fire workers for Walking off the Job

The National Labor Relations Board,  illegally installed by President Obama, said that Wal-Mart cannot fire of discipline workers that walked off the job during Black Friday.  The NLRB called the protests for wages and working conditions,”legally protected” activities.

Thousands of protesters march during theWhy not just stay at home and say you are on strike.  Not come in following a hang-over and stay at lunch for 3-4 hours.  I mean, if the NLRB says protests are protected!

Where does it end?

We think the Obama administration is upset because Wal-Mart has done healthcare better than Obamacare and has become an embarrassment to the HHS.

Seems to us that Wal-Mart provides jobs to disadvantaged individuals, very few workers are paid minimum wage and has one of the best healthcare programs in the business world.

But, Unions are not happy with a thriving business and wish Wal-Mart to go the route of Detroit and the Rust Belt.


The labor board’s general counsel first laid out similar charges in November, but held off on filing a complaint while trying to work out a settlement with Wal-Mart. Those discussions were not successful, government officials said in a statement.


The company has insisted its actions were legal and justified.


“We now we have the opportunity to present the facts of these cases in front of a judge,” said Wal-Mart spokeswoman Brooke Buchanan. “No reasonable person thinks it’s ok for people to come and go from their scheduled shift without being held accountable.”

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