Tea Party Groups Silenced by provision in Omnibus Spending Bill

Add insult to injury!  That $1.1 Trillion Omnibus spending bill that was passed and signed by the President has a provision that will allow the IRS to transfer those educational non-profits to full political status, emaning that they will be tax expert no more.

So when we read the Keith Koffler article over at White House Dossier, we wondered.. what about the leftest education non-profits like: Organizing for Action, Center for American Progress, Media Matters for America, Unite Blue and The Daily Kos?

tax-exemptDo you understand that the IRS will not need to repeat 2012 targeting of Tea Party groups in 2014 because those groups ARE BEING PUMMELED INTO SILENCE instead?

Do you understand?

The wide-ranging “omnibus” spending bill just approved by Congress, with the cooperation of Republicans, failed to include a proposed provision reversing a new Obama regulation that will turn all those nonprofit groups – which had been targeted as potential violators of their tax-free status – into TAXABLE institutions.

So no need for targeting!

Keeping this provision out, according to Kimberly Strassel of the Wall Street Journal, was the one thing on which Democrats would not compromise during negotiations over the bill.

Under the regulation, quietly brought out over Thanksgiving, the type of groups the IRS had targeted will have their “educational” activities reclassified as “political” activities, therefore making them no longer tax exempt

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