Tolerant Left Censors Pro Fracking Film ‘FrackNation’

It looks like the peace-loving, open-minded, love and daisies anti-drilling liberals have bullied another venue into dropping a screening of the pro-drilling (and highly recommend) FrackNation. The Frozen OFFICIALLY_CENSOREDRiver Film Festival in Winona, MN said they had been pressured by libs from Mountain Film in Telluride and the Sundance Film Festival. And so they caved and went running with their tail between their legs instead of standing up for free speech and an alternative view.

Ever notice how free speech only applies when mouthy anti-drillers want to shut down a public meeting or show their propaganda somewhere–but when the other side wants to talk or show a film, it’s “off with their heads!” Hypocrites–the lot of them. Here’s an update from MDN friend and FrackNation director and star Phelim McAleer about Frozen River Film Festival’s censorship of his film…

Read More – Film Festival Bows to Pressure, Censors FrackNation

Festival is now soulless, say filmmakers.

The directors of FrackNation, a “pro-fracking” documentary have slammed the organizers of the Frozen River Film Festival in Minnesota after they cancelled a screening of the film following pressure from environmentalists.

FrackNation had been accepted by the Frozen River Film Festival for a screening on Sunday but organizers announced at the weekend that they were canceling the screening – the first such cancellation in the festival’s nine year history.

FrackNation Director Phelim McAleer said the cancellation was censorship and an attack on diversity.

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