Cuomo begins Targeting Conservatives, Starts with Filmmaker

A subpoena has been issued against James O’ Keefe and Project Veritas commanding them to appear before the New York State Department of Labor.

O'KeefeThe subpoena tells the group they must appear Tuesday, January 28, 2014 with copies of social security returns, unemployment insurance (state and federal), check stubs and canceled checks, and any other records pertaining to payments for services.

This is happening despite Project Veritas previously being audited and shown to be 100% compliant with the law.

Here is a copy of the subpoena:

“Project Veritas has and will continue to comply with all State and Federal laws involving non-profit business requirements as well as the New York Department of Labor. As requested by the NY Board of Labor, documentation was prepared for review but officials never showed up on the scheduled date and time. Project Veritas has previously been audited and found to be 100% compliant with the law,” Veritas said within a statement.

Read the rest at Capital City Project

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