Greg Gutfeld: Allen West = Scary in White Liberal Dictionary

During a segment of ‘the Five’ on the Fox News Channel Greg Gutfeld took issue with comments made by NC NAACP president, Reverend William Barber II, when he said that Black Teaparty Republican Tim Scott, was nothing more than a dummy for a ventriloquist because he spouts white republican talking points.

allen_westGutfeld fired back and said that, “the scariest two words in a white liberal dictionary are ‘Allen West’.  Because West and others do not fit into the Democrat talking points that the GOP is a party of white old men and the Tea party is racist.

We can think of a few more names that should be in that Democrat white guilt liberal dictionary:  Mia Love, Tim Scott, Angela McGlowan, Kevin Jackson,

Last year, Politisite put together a list of one hundred black conservatives blogs and websites. That list is one of our most popular listicles and is growing in number.

One of our writers, Jennifer Williams, was on Fox News discussing minority outreach. Kevin explained that minority outreach begins with clutching hands in the minority precincts and listening.  Seems to us the best outreach has come after the Democratic party begs for votes on election day and seemingly does little to deal with minority poverty, unemployment or education.  Blacks have begun looking elsewhere and the GOP should be there waiting to welcome our citizens home to where they first belonged.

So maybe the Liberal dictionary should have Allen West as the photo that describes scary and maybe Obviously Democrats fear a black republican so much, that they go on full attack when they see one.

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