No Sarah Silverman, Life does NOT begin at 40

Jesus Christ visits Sarah Silverman to discuss women’s reproductive rights.  You see, Jesus told her life begins at 40.

Sarah-Silverman-jesus1Yes, Sarah our money did not have the words, “In God we trust” until 1956 and the Pledge of Allegiance wasn’t adopted until 1945 with a revision in 1954 that included, “under God.”  But it was not some religious attempt by fundamentalists to try to narrow “Separation of Church and State.”  Simply, the term ‘Separation of Church and State’ does NOT appear anywhere in our constitution, nor in any of our founding documents.

Additionally, if you would take the time to read Washington’s first inaugural address  it would be clear to you that our nation was founded on Judea-christian principles and religious expression was intended  to be freely expressed in the public square.

Even our first educators thought the Bible should be a major text in our schools. It is you, and others like you who believe that the constitution says we should have, Freedom ‘from’ not ‘of’ Religion.  Maybe it is you, not the legislators who added, ‘In God We Trust’ or ‘under God’ to our money and pledge who have tried to revise history to reflect your personal views.

Here is the bottom line Sarah, if you are wrong on life, you are wrong on nearly every other constitutional issue..  Protecting human life in its most humble form shows you understand the inalienable rights in our Constitution.  Those rights begin with Life.

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