When the US Presidency Is a Dictatorship

A President determined to force his will upon the people of America.
A President determined to force his will upon the people of America.

Once again our president indicated his unwillingness to compromise or reconsider his position in the face his failing policies. Vowing to make this year of 2014 a year of action, President Obama stated that he had his phone and his pen if Congress would not cooperate with his agenda. This demonstrates a distressing compulsion by this President to bypass Congressional oversight and due process in imposing his will over the American people.

Unconcerned with the Constitution

When a US president refuses to acknowledge Constitutional protocol in making decisions that impact the nation this is more characteristic of a ruler adverse to his subjects than a leader who supports the political etiquette of a republic that is governed by representation of its people. President Obama has publicly stated in the past that he has problems with the US Constitution and has certainly signed enough executive orders to prove it.

Change that was never intended by our creators

With our justice system compromised by leftist appointees such as US Attorney General, Eric Holder along with a number of justices from appeals courts all the way to the Supreme Court, we are seeing the US government railroaded into a radical ideological pathway completely in contradiction to the US Constitution and the intentions of our forefathers. When the highest ranking executive officer in the federal government can repeatedly use executive orders to override Congress and even seek the authority of the UN in placing US forces in harm’s way as Obama did in Libya, a coup is underway.

Censoring public outcry

This should be more of an issue than it is, but few people in Washington seem to raise their voices over it. The US media will certainly not raise much of a question over it as true journalism in America may be dead. When the mainstream media merely regurgitates everything told to it by the White House press secretary, we can expect nothing in the way of objective reporting on the shortcomings of White House leadership. What would have been considered an appalling state of affair a few short years ago is now routinely overlooked as the President boldly advances his destructive agenda.

Destructive programs

Mandatory nationalized health care proven not to be cost effective, continued over spending, the failed economic stewardship of this nation are simply an insight into the failed domestic policies that plague America under the arrogant leadership of the Obama White House. When we consider the disadvantage America is now under due to the failures of its foreign policy, how the Benghazi fiasco has never been prosecuted, the IRS codifies its illegal persecution of conservative groups, as the NSA continues unscathed for its intrusion into the lives of innocent Americans, it is obvious the our President and his administration are little concerned over observing the law.

Classic pattern

In a dictatorship the supposed charisma of one individual persuades a sleeping public of the brilliance of his vision for the nation his is about to lead into oblivion. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, men whose perverse insistence upon exerting their will over their country and others leave us with a tragic legacy over the bloody pages of human history. It is clear that for a man who lacks any economic expertise and who performed as a community organizer relying upon stirring outrage and emotion among his followers, President Obama shares the oratory skills of his corrupt predecessors.

The mindset of a ruler

The very worst aspect of the dictator is his mentality as he believes only in his ideological obsession. He will lead millions into oblivion in order to trail blaze his path into his perceived legacy that supersedes the truth, the best interests of his people, or human rights. The President has exhibited little concern for the hardship of the American people as he advocates higher taxes, big government, refusal to guard our borders, his unwillingness to protect Americans abroad, while it seems that his true allegiance seems to be to the growing entitlement population that his policies are creating.

Eliminating debate

Using his propensity to eliminate due process or Congressional oversight, President Obama like a dictator, does away with discussion, votes, or the input of the House of Representatives with his incessant reliance upon the executive order to force his will upon his opponents and every man, woman, and child in America. All in his quest to satisfy his egotistical obsession to attain his designs, a once great nation now shudders in the throes of economic collapse and diplomatic capitulation with Iran, Obama seems poised to cause a collapse of America.

The ultimate outcome

The only difference that this writer sees between President Obama and dictators of the past is that instead of having expansionist ambitions for global dominance, this ruler seems satisfied to compromise his own country from within. Using his ambivalence and contempt toward America, it seems that the President wants to dictate clandestine policies perpetrated toward an architecture of collapse. Like a Manchurian candidate President Obama has presided over the seeming deliberate compromise of a great nation with policies that are not just inept but they are deliberate in their intentions if not outcomes. This is what makes the Obama dictatorship so unique. It seems his self-delusions have been targeted at a system failure of the United States. History will not be kind to this dictator unless, of course, it is rewritten.

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