White House’s Intentional Economic Sabotage of America

Under the Obama White House the US languished under imposed failure!
Under the Obama White House the US languishes under imposed failure!


With the continued outpouring of scandals coming from the Obama administration it is no longer questionable to assign conspiracy to White House motives. It is simply a matter of what new fabricated scheme awaits being unleashed upon the gullible and weary citizenry of the US. The most devastating disaster that could befall the American public awaits and there is nothing Washington will do about it. That will be the financial failure of this nation if nothing is done by the next term presidency assuming that President Obama has not completely destroyed America by then.

Refusal of Washington DC to police itself

With a projected 20 trillion in federal deficit by 2016, the abolishing of the sequester by the Republicans, the refusal of Speaker of the House, John Boehner to criminally impeach Eric Holder and the President, the US is headed on a hell bound train for catastrophic economic collapse. In February yet another debt ceiling looms while even Federal Reserve officials at the Dallas Headquarters call for a change in present policy. The present administration is steam rolling their GOP opposition and are unconcerned over the future implications of their out of control spending as long as they can buy the votes of their constituents and remain the ruling class.

Can the economy be saved?

With little consideration for a future catastrophic devaluation of the US dollar as unchecked spending by the federal government continues, it is questionable whether or not the US economy is even recoverable. Yet, this nation even under the heavy constraints of Democratic radical policy still has potential. A literal energy revolution based upon the production and development of cheap natural gas right here in the US is not only possible but ready for implementation. Once again, thanks to obstruction by the Obama White House, federal land is not being granted use for oil and gas exploration. Leases to private industry are not being issued under the aegis of environmental issues.

Suppressing prosperity

The only reason that the huge oil and gas reserves of the US are even being tapped and exploited is thanks to the development of privately owned leases despite the interference of the federal government. If adequate federal lands were released for development, and the White House’s propensity for interference with private sector industry was neutralized, jobs, cheap energy, and record US energy exports would boost the economy and remedy the joblessness that plagues America. Why wouldn’t this administration want to attain such a lofty achievement?

Methodology of madness

If the Democrats cannot keep a lid on the US economy and the private sector is allowed to do what it does the best, which is to be the generator of jobs and economic stimulus, the left will not be able to rule America anymore. Only when record food stamps, unemployment benefits, and welfare programs are in full swing can there be any incentive for Americans to profit from Democratic leadership.

They must attain this goal through the implementation of policies that restrict free enterprise, penalize employers with regulations, utilize the highest corporate taxes in the world, and pay for their agenda by raising income taxes to punish those who work. In using class warfare and demonizing the rich, the Obama administration makes their false case for intentionally hindering the US economy. Who in their right minds would want to accept the crumbs offered to them by the federal government if a vibrant and prosperous economy was in full swing? This ruling class mentality has a documented history of failure, but it makes no difference to arrogant ideologues like President Obama who seeks to impose his agenda with lies and false narratives.

Means to an end

The socioeconomic recovery of the United States is literally being sabotaged by the Obama White House in order to keep the Democratic Party in power as the future of our children is jeopardized. As America is forced to fight with one hand tied behind her back and is prevented from arriving at the supply side economics that have traditionally served this nation well, an even worse malady faces the public. The looming threat of out of control inflation threatens to wipe out retirement savings, rob Americans of their buying power, and throw this nation into chaos.

The fruition of leftist policies

The same unrest seen in Europe and the Middle East will surely follow here if the US dollar is allowed to collapse due to the botched economic policies of the federal government. All this intentionally orchestrated by our out of control Commander in Chief along with his henchmen in order to further the hatred of a prosperous America by leftist radicals who have wanted the ravages of socialism to dampen the American spirit for decades.

Why can’t the collectivists leave American society alone? Are those such as Al Gore, Barack Obama, and Van Jones, dedicated to compromising the American dream with cap and trade schemes, redistribution of wealth, and encouraging a huge entitlement population, capitalizing on legislation and making millions as Americans suffer? How is that those who encourage us to tighten our belt buckles and adjust our expectations to accept less in the future always very affluent? Why is it that the rules never apply to them? Remember, one inconvenient truth for Al Gore as he makes his green industry profits over his faulty climate change data. He cast the deciding vote to tax retired Americans on their social security benefits.

How do they sleep?

It seems that those in this country who advocate the sacrifices of Americans based upon imposing their twisted agenda stand only to gain as they hold office. While the rest of us are hounded by confiscatory tax policies, hindered by overregulation, and faced with the loss of our Constitutional freedoms these entrenched ideologues profit being the hypocrites that they truly are. They are unconcerned with the future of America as jobs are lost, federal statistics are cooked to reveal a nonexistence economic recovery, and government spending insures higher taxes and a devaluating US currency. Will this be the unavoidable legacy of our nation? Unless, things change, it certainly seems that way.

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