Tea Party Response to 2014 State of the Union Address

teaparty_responseSenator Mike Lee delivers the official Tea Party Response to President Barack Obama’s 2014 State of the Union Address.


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  1. This is not any official ‘tea party’ response. The TPE is not even a legit tea party but a GOP PAC who stole the movement’s name in 2009. The legit tea party of 2007 has no representation in DC.. NONE! And no one gave these quislings at TPE, TPP, TPN or any other fake group permission to call themselves tea party.

    • While I agree that today’s Tea Party sparsely represents the organic grassroots uprising in 2009. The Tea Party Express and the Tea Party Patriots leaders where there in the very beginning. I was invited to the early conference calls and those players were there and working on keeping the movement an issue driven, individual lead group with no real leaders.

      Unfortunately, In order to do all of the things that are are required in heavy opposition and the basic need to promote the values, finances became an issue. Better financed groups came in and wanted seats at the table and moved the basic values to broader themes. The reason that the TTP and TPE went separate ways was about organization differences as one side wanted to support and promote candidates, while the other was more interested in pushing legislation. Thus the groups fall under different non-profit organizational structures. The Tea Party Nation, which I know the least, turned out to be a “for profit entity” although they had the first convention that yielded some 600 participants.

      A little more background, Politisite broadcasted the Tax Day Tea Party on April 15, 2009 in Columbia, SC that was carried by the B-Cast at Brietbart TV. There were nearly 3000 people in attendance. A group of 4 principles including the first speaker, Britton Clark was a member of the Glenn Beck 912 Project, The speakers included: Senator Jim DeMint, Governor Mark Sanford, LT Governor Candidate Bill Conner, and a speaker from the Fair Tax organization. There were several others. Finances was so scarce, we provided some audio equipment to help.

      Following that April 15, 2009 TDTP event, The organizers felt shut out by larger groups that I believe ‘hijacked’ the Columbia Group similar to what you have mentioned.

      Senator Mike Lee Speaks for himself and a group of the Tea Party. But, due to the nature of the movement, he does not speak for all those who call themselves Tea party members.

      So, while I appreciate your comment, I disagree that someone who calls themselves a Tea Party Member, is a member of the Tea Party Caucus and fights for many tea party Ideas, shouldn’t voice his views.

      Here is a question, who do you think should provide the tea Party response?