Hey MSNBC, More Republicans in Mixed-Race Families

These aren’t terribly surprising results. National politicians with mixed-race families have tended to be Republicans. Both McCain and Mitt Romney had mixed race family members. It may be because conservatives are more likely to adopt children than liberals.

Mia Love with Husband – More Conservative then Liberal politicians in Mixed-Race Families (Media Credit: Stuart Johnson, Deseret News)

Indeed, among families with step-children or adopted children, 11 percent of conservatives were living in mixed race households compared to 10 percent of liberals living in mixed-race households.

Similarly, 9.4 percent of Republicans living in step- or adopted families were in mixed-race households, compared to only 8.8 percent of Democrats in such families. (Again, this small advantage for Republicans is not large enough to be statistically significant).

The differences are not significant, but they are real.

Interestingly enough, the states with the highest rates of interracial marriage tend to be red states, with the exception of Hawaii.

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Time Magazine Chimed in and said that MSNBC Tweet About Biracial Families May Be More Wrong Than You Thought

Using data from the most recent (2012) biennial General Social Survey—a large-scale sociological survey of U.S. residents—Northwestern University law professor and social scientist James Lindgren crunched the numbers for The Volokh Conspiracy, a law blog hosted by The Washington Post, on mixed-race families and found that 9.5% of Republican families are mixed-race, compared to 11.2% of Democratic families, a statistically insignificant difference.
On the other hand, 11.9% of self-avowed conservatives live in mixed-race families, according to Lindgren, while 11.4% of liberals do—again, statistically insignificant, but with the edge in the other direction, probably because African American conservatives are still likely to be Democrats.

Lindgren writes that the data suggest more Democrats than Republicans could be living in Cheerio’s-commercial-style mixed-race households, but most likely because minorities are both more likely to be Democrats and to live in mixed-race households. “Given that,” writes Lindgren, italics his, “it is perhaps a little bit surprising that Democrats in families with children are not more likely to live in mixed-race households.

Not only aren’t there stats to back up MSNBC’s assertion, but the stats that do exist suggest, if anything, there may be a slight bias in favor of same-race households on the other side of the aisle, among Democrats.

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