How Amnesty Will Sabotage America

Allowing unenforced amnesty will lead to the end of America as we know it and unending leftist rule by the Democrats.
Allowing unenforced amnesty will lead to the end of America as we know it and unending leftist rule by the Democrats.


The radicals who advocate unconditional or unenforced amnesty of the existing illegal alien population here in the US as well as opening the floodgates for even more foreign influx across our southern borders have  used deception and allegations of racism to further their cause. However, GOP leadership has decided to capitulate on this issue as under Speaker of the House, John Boehner, Republicans have given in on almost every major issue in response to President Obama’s agenda. If unrestricted amnesty or unenforced immigration is unveiled under the present atmosphere of unemployment and economic recession, this nation will be completely sabotaged. The liberals and their hatred for the great heritage of America will have won the war they have waged.

Social engineering

Take a look at the demographics of the Spanish population as well as Asia, and other nationalities. These people come from different cultures and government rule where Constitutional principles are not exercised. They think that international law should apply to the US. Whereas it is in violation of the US Constitution for any foreign treaty to exist with any American state as well as the fact that law of nations is not recognized within the confines of the domestic zone interior of the US as is clearly defined with the Constitution, immigrants are not aware of this.

How immigrants see law of the land

They feel  gun control should be imposed by the government  due to the drug related violence within Mexico, that because the Chinese government does not allow gun ownership by its citizens, that these international laws should be applied within America. Because our federal government no longer advocates its own Constitution and does not make it required reading among immigrants our very rights and freedoms expressly defined within that great document are in danger of being vanquished by a radical White House. The skeptics of this truth are merely the uninformed and low information voters whose blind faith in a corrupt federal  government supersedes their ability to perceive reality!

A defacto government

By the refusal of the federal  government  to establish the importance of our Constitutional Republic under the misguided notion of multiculturalism and whatever other hypocritical agenda they harbor, immigrants cannot appreciate the extent of their freedoms granted under constitutional law. Imposing international law within the US is not only unconstitutional but in direct contradiction of American heritage and the individual freedoms that have always defined American exceptionalism. Keeping big government from interfering with the privacy and rights of the individual was the original intention of our forefathers. That precedent has been at the forefront of the American dream since its inception. Through fiat rule and omission by federal bureaucracy, the American people are being denied the truth over the issue of amnesty.

Just who does the GOP represent anymore?

While at the GOP retreat last week it was revealed that the Republican leadership has decided to support the unrestricted or meaningless enforcement  of amnesty even though 2/3 of the party’s representatives were against it! To make matters worse ICE officials who have been bullied into releasing violent and criminal illegal immigrants back into the US population and have been prevented from exercising their duties by the Eric Holder Department of Justice were not consulted and ignored all together over the amnesty issue. One might ask how national security, border patrol, and drug cartel influence will be dealt with once the floodgates of illegal immigration are opened when they are already overwhelmed, unsupported by the federal government , and obstructed from doing their job. For the shear sake of political purpose American citizens will be exposed to more violent crime, child molesters, and lawlessness than ever before.

Further assault against US labor

With the US job market already in the skids with the cooked books of the labor department actually distorting the true Great Depression Era level of unemployment, now a flood of illegal immigrants will be unleashed into the faltering hiring market. The federal government has enlisted major US employers in supporting the amnesty issue as they will profit from cheap labor. While the American worker, already hindered by intentionally faulty federal government policy will find that there are immigrants willing to work at comparable jobs for less money!

Ruling but not governing

The Democratic Party has supported  this perverse policy all along. Why? They can remain in power when they know that Spanish and other foreign immigrants will give them an automatic voters platform at the cost of destabilizing the American political system. GOP leadership knowingly refuses to oppose a demographical transformation with the US under the aegis of adopting a more moderate political stance so as not to lose touch with the American voter, but in reality, it will mean the end of any meaningful opposition or conservative advocacy for the American people. Ultimately, the imposition of international law upon the US citizens in paramount to this agenda as the US Constitution is further flaunted by the Obama White House. This administration is out to destroy America as it has existed over the last 200 years with a radical prerogative that is aimed at robbing this country and its citizens of their sovereignty.

The never ending lies

Betrayal comes to mind as this writer considers just how many ways that America will be transformed into another third world regime toppled by socialist influence and allowed to languish in mediocrity because our cowardly political leadership on Capitol Hill has allowed a coup to be conducted against their citizens. This is not about giving rights and a better life to those seeking the beacon of light that was once America. It is about gaining political control by the left. It is about remaining in control no matter how much damage is done to the Constitutional Republic we call the United States of America! How can our representatives allow the greatest nation ever on the face of the earth to be compromised, radicalized, and destabilized?

Defining the sickness

Ask yourself, my fellow countrymen, how does a great nation steadily collapse? It happens when the people no longer care or are interested in what their government is doing. It happens when the people have been intentionally dumbed down with deteriorating state funded education that has sunken into the depths of indoctrination. It happens when the free press becomes an unashamed mouthpiece for the government! It happens when your free will has been compromised by your apathy! Amnesty is a symptom of a much greater disease and the prognosis for America, my friends, is not good!

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