Police tell Black GOP Candidate: No Mo Campaigning

We don’t want no Republicans campaigning in Democratic districts, especially if you’re Black! – Florida Statue says religion, political campaigning, and free speech are exempt from solicitation laws.  But this candidate was told to get a permit.

Early this past Saturday February 1st, State House District 47 candidate Maurice “Mo” Pearson was taking his message to voters in the Dover Shores Neighborhood where he has resided for nearly 10 years.

moPearson, who is running to become the Republican party nominee for the State Representative in House District 47 currently held by Democrat Linda Stewart said everything was going as planned until he was stopped by an officer with the Orlando Police Department.

“Around 2PM, after about two hours of going door-to-door I was approached by the officer and told that the department had received a call from a resident who was concerned with what I was doing,” explained a confused Pearson.

Pearson acknowledges that it’s a law enforcement officers duty to investigate such calls, but wasn’t sure why he was the focus.

“I told him my name and that I was a candidate running for office. The officer then told me I would need to stop what I was doing and check with the city to see if I needed a permit before I continued.”
According to Florida Statue, there are 3 activities that are exempt from solicitation laws; religion, political campaigning, and free speech.

– See more at: East Orlando Post

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