Huge Blow to UAW: Tennessee VW workers reject Union Vote

After three days of voting by hourly wage workers at the Volkswagen final assembly plants in Chattanooga, Tennessee, employees at the plant elected on Friday not to join the union.

vw-chattanooga-plantThe final tally was 726 workers voting no while 612 voted yes, with 89 percent of the eligible workers casting ballots.

“While we certainly would have liked a victory for workers here, we deeply respect the Volkswagen Global Group Works Council, Volkswagen management and IG Metall for doing their best to create a free and open atmosphere for workers to exercise their basic human right to form a union,” said UAW President Bob King in a statement released after the vote.

The rejection is a major blow to the UAW which has never organized a foreign-brand auto plant operating in the U.S.

via Volkswagen workers reject UAW in huge blow to union.

DrJohn at Flopping Aces had this to say:

It was also a rebuke for Barack Obama who had weighed in on the vote.

But let’s be honest about unions. Unions used to exist for workers’ benefits. Now they exist solely as a means to funnel workers’ wages into the pockets of democrats and democrat issues. Liberals whine a lot about the influence of the Koch brothers, but the Koch’s are pikers in contrast to the money spent by liberals and unions.

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