Do We See America’s Future In the Strife of Venezuela?

Does the oppression of the White House remind us of the Venezuelan debacle?
Does the oppression of the White House remind us of the Venezuelan debacle?


Wednesday morning Sandy Rios interviewed Luis Fleischman of Venezuela on her radio talk show. It was a compelling show. Fleischman’s testimony over the ongoing social unrest and takeover of Venezuela at the hands of leftists should be sending shock waves through American society. Yet, the US media has turned an intentional blind eye to the brutality and oppression of the Venezuelan people at the hands of the Chavez government prior to his death.

Dangerous Parallels

So, where are the similarities between Venezuela and the US? Let’s take a candid and disturbing look at just how Venezuela went down the wrong path as our liberal press refused to cover the stories of fascist tactics used by Hugo Chavez in his ascent to power. Much like Barack Obama, Hugo Chavez, a dedicated radical socialist came to power in relative obscurity as a social activist much like junior Senator Barack Obama who was nothing more than a community organizer. According to Luis Fleischman he has seen his country of Venezuela reduced to a turbulent society under assault by the thugs of a leftist regime bent and determined to remain in power despite the will of the people.

The rise of a dictator

According to Luis Fleischman Hugo Chavez began his literal reign of terror proclaiming that he was a Christian and that he was on the side of his people. Yet, after he had risen to power he began his attacks on the country’s constitution much like President Obama regularly flaunts the US Constitution and states that he has problems with it. Of course the President has problems with the US Constitution it protects the rights of American citizens from the abuse of power by an out of control federal government just as Hugo Chavez began to impose his vision upon his own people.

Legitimizing tyranny

First Chavez began to merely alter and legally modify the Venezuelan Constitution, according to Luis Fleischman, but ultimately had the country’s constitution thrown out all-together and then proclaimed himself as Venezuela’s dictator for life without term limits. Many have speculated that President Obama intends to invoke a third term as did FDR did during his administration, so as to keep the Democratic Party and its radical destruction of America in control. Incidents of violence, government sanctioned terror against protestors, nationalizing private industry, and an assault against the Christian heritage of Venezuela all began in earnest once Hugo Chavez began his iron fisted rule. Have we not seen the same under the Obama White House?

One might recall that Hugo Chavez even invited the Russian Federation Navy to send a convoy across the Pacific to rendezvous in the harbors of Venezuelan jurisdiction in total violation of the Monroe Doctrine. This more than a hundred year old vow by the US to protect the northern and southern hemispheres of the Americas was drafted long ago into law and international policy by President Monroe and his State Department. Yet, our government did nothing as Chavez flaunted US policy and invited a Russian military naval force to violate our waters.

Bucking the US

Chavez began using Venezuelan oil production as a bargaining chip with the US as well. As the Chavez administration supported terrorist organizations through-out the Middle East. Yet, President Obama not only befriended this Communist dictator, but even kissed him in a United Colors of Benetton poster that was exhibited all over by the news media. Our President kissing another man, who represents a diametrically opposed ideology to the great American heritage, this is the current atmosphere of arrogance displayed by the Obama administration.

Luis Fleischman tells the truth

Luis Fleischman in describing the horrors under the Hugo Chavez Regime talks of thugs hired by the government to go after protestors, killing them, torturing them, or imprisoning them in order to solidify a rule based upon fear and intimidation that now exists under the newly inherited leadership of Maduro, who has expelled US foreign diplomatic personnel while using the police and the military to further harass his opposition.

The myth of transformation

The gradual transformation of a peaceful Venezuela who once was an ally of the US as well as an important source of energy importation into a radical leftist regime aligned with terrorist enemies of the US came swiftly after Hugo Chavez’s election. One need only look at the level of federal government sanctioned chaos that has been unleashed by the Obama White House against America and see the obvious parallels. President Obama continues to steam roll his agenda of using big government to dictate to the people what he wants to do to punish US citizens for the inequities of the world using his leftist bias. President Obama will administrate, regulate, and legislate wherever possible to force Americans to accept his overspending and social engineering in the face of impotent GOP mock resistance.

Federally sanctioned terrorism

President Obama has used the IRS to go after conservative organizations, used the NSA to violate the sanctity of our private lives and spy on US civilians, the White House is offering sanctuary to Islamic terrorist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, while attacking our border states for enforcing federal immigration. Like Hugo Chavez, the Obama administration nationalized 2/3 of the US auto industry using tax payer’s money instead of allowing the carmakers to utilize a normal Chapter 11 bankruptcy process and negotiate a workable deal. As President Obama pushes the deficit to unrecoverable levels, one might think that this is all an orchestrated plan to destroy the US and forever incapacitate America from ever being a powerful force for good in the world ever again.

Forgone Conclusion

Does the plight of Venezuela parallel the ongoing turmoil within US society under the rule of the Obama White House? Just take a look around you. It seems the federal government is intentionally doing everything it can to discourage an economic recovery while aiding and abetting our enemies abroad. Does the unsolved fiasco of the Benghazi attack ring a bell? The only difference it seems between Venezuela and the United States at this juncture is that our federal government has yet to introduce roof top snipers to suppress demonstrators as far as we know. Unlike Venezuela the American people are too self-involved to demonstrate with the bravery it takes to denounce a government that is way out of control such as in Venezuela where the people must risk their lives to protest.

A miracle needed

The question is just how far out on the horizon is the Venezuelan dilemma from being the new analogy for an American future under the corruption of the Obama regime? Unless GOP leadership reorganizes and ousts the cowards, the defeated generals of the Republicans on Capitol Hill such as John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and Eric Cantor, the Democrats will continue to run rampant as the President uses his executive orders to bypass the House of Representatives in his bid to further force America to knuckle under to his warped radical vision of a non-existent romanticized socialist reality.

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