Clinton, Biden won’t run for President in 2016

Rumors are flying over the internet that former FLOTUS and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is experiencing medical problems and will not run for President in 2016.  Some of these rumors where fueled by speculated that Hillary Clinton’s 2012 collapse and concussion stemmed from a severe illness.  Clinton called these rumors ‘absolute nonsense’.

Even so, rumors prevail and one National Journal writer claims that the illness rumor may not be the only reason for Clinton not running.  Remember her talking about slowing down and being a Grandmother?  So, Jill Lawrence says, Biden is too old to run and Hillary won’t either.

joe-biden-hillary-clintonHillary Rodham Clinton and Joe Biden won’t be running for president in 2016–bet on it. I already have, and I’m going to owe a lot of people dinner if I’m wrong.

Not to spoil anybody’s fun, but all of this speculation will probably lead nowhere. I’m going to explain my reasoning and then try very hard to refrain from writing anything more about this until, well, at least six months from now.

The most obvious factor militating against runs by these Democratic power players is their age. Biden would turn 74 right after Election Day 2016, and Clinton would turn 69 just before it. Both of them may have other things they want to do with their lives before it’s too late. Clinton, for instance, has made no secret of her yen for a grandchild. And she and her husband are reportedly hunting for a vacation home in the Hamptons, suggesting she has a slower pace in mind.

Clinton also has many long-standing interests that have had to compete for her time during her stints as first lady of Arkansas and the nation, as a senator from New York, and as secretary of State. They include children, the foster-care system and, perhaps most important, the economic and political plight of women around the world. Her most famous speech as first lady catalogued abuses against women and hammered home the message: “Human rights are women’s rights, and women’s rights are human rights.” As notable as what she said was where she said it — a United Nations women’s conference in Beijing. It is easy to imagine her setting up her own organization, or a branch of her husband’s Clinton Global Initiative, to focus full-time on issues affecting women.

Read More by Jill Lawrence  at National Journal

A CBS / New York Times poll says 82% of Democrats want Hillary to run and 42% want Joe Biden to run. Politisite is interested in what you think: Will Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden Run for President in 2016?


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