Former Greenpeace Co-founder Pokes Holes In Climate Change Agenda

Patrick Moore further damages Green Peace's credibility!
Patrick Moore further damages Green Peace’s credibility!

Recently it was very interesting to hear President Obama continue to babble over the validity of the global warming danger in the aftermath of powerful winter storms that had pummeled the United States. Either this man is an entrenched ideologue or incredibly out of touch with reality!

Patrick Moore speaks out

Former co-founder of Green Peace International, Patrick Moore, has stunned the left with his recent admission. Characterizing the organization as biased, disinterested in empirical scientific results, and regarding global warming as a religion, Patrick Moore sent shock waves through the collectivists who would drastically alter our lives and assess cap and trade taxes upon an already embattled population over their arrogant assertions.

Science in disagreement

Thousands of scientists including 9,000 of them who possess PHD’s have aligned against the manipulated consensus of the global warming crowd who have been caught already in such scandals as at East Anglia where emails containing instructions on how to alter climate models were sent to various colleagues due to the fact that a cooling phase had been detected for the last 15 years on planet Earth, thus invalidating their findings. Although a majority of scientists who regard climate change allegations that human activity is responsible for global warming as unfounded speculation at best are being ignored. As a matter of fact, Patrick Moore’s admission about Green Peace’s unprofessional obsession with global warming was virtually ignored by the mainstream media.

Core samples don’t lie

Going back in recent history one might recall that the first scientific team sent to Antarctica with UN sponsorship to drill core samples deep into the ice to ascertain climate patterns over  thousands of years found no conclusive evidence to support man-made global warming. The UN promptly sent another scientific team out to find the results that the UN wanted. The fact that research grants are awarded to any university for the express purpose of proving global warming makes for a strong and influential reason why there is a willingness to exploit the global warming for funding. When carbon dioxide has been declared a dangerous toxin by UN officials and supposedly being responsible for causing atmospheric warming it seems the rule of physics did not apply on Earth 200,000 years ago!

Another conveniently forgotten scientific finding by the Al Gore crowd along with the earth worshipers who would rather blame human activity for less than a 2 degree rise in atmospheric temperature over more than a hundred year period has been hushed up. A recent core sample drilling in the Antarctic region revealed that as deep core sampling reached ice that dated back to 200,000 years ago, another major truth was uncovered. During this geologic epoch when the earth was at its coldest across a frigid globe, carbon dioxide, the naturally occurring greenhouse gas demonized by global warming proponents was 20 times more concentrated in the atmosphere than it is today!

Inconvenient truth abounds

Another inconvenient truth that has been ignored by the Al Gore crowd has been the intense winters of the last two years that have set more than 2000 low temperature records 2 years in a row in the US.  Causing deaths in China and Great Britain due to the severity of blizzards not to mention the polar vortex that ravaged the north eastern seaboard from Maine to the Carolinas, according to climate change advocates severe cold is merely a characteristic of global warming. The refusal to acknowledge common sense and adhere to the obsession of global warming as existing regardless of the purely contradictory evidence is emblematic of the religious fervor that has replaced true scientific integrity.

Global government wants it

Governments of the world are poised to utilize the grim protocols of Agenda 21 and have no intention of backing off the global warming scam. Legislation to hinder human activity, tax the population, render prosecutorial reparations from the US and Great Britain by third world countries especially those in Oceania is much too profitable to ignore. Alleging that the US and England are responsible for the industrial age that generated greenhouse gases while countries such as Russia and China with horrid environmental records are not penalized, demonstrates the political agenda of UN directed efforts at policing the climate change issue.

Hypocrisy pure and simple

Why would those aligned against greater energy production needed to accommodate a growing population refuse to acknowledge the human suffering and death that result from energy shortages during bitter winters as well as the energy needed for purifying public water during the summer months? Is the resulting damage to human life not more costly by curtailing industrial output then the damages they allege from the side effects of climate change itself? Of course, this aspect of the argument goes unspoken and unexplored by global warming fanatics who would rather demand that their faulty allegations are correct.

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  1. Hey jfreed27, why was that you said, “There’s good money in this, I don’t doubt.” ??? Excuse me? Good money? Get out your calculator, sir, if you please, and tally up the cash all of those Leftist organizations (NASA, NOAA, Dept. of Defense, World Bank, IMF, National Geographic, Scientific American, American Academy of Pediatrics, AMA) have made off of the whole Global Warming fear mongering soap opera.

    By the way, Mr. jfreed27, any idea what a Ph.D is? Just to let you know, it’s the thing people get when they have complete extensive education in a particular subject, like say, oh . . . a Ph.D in ecology, such as GreenPeace co-founder, Patrick Moore.

    Would Dr. Moore be one of those “armchair” scientists you spoke of? Or maybe,

    Earl M. Aagaard, PhD,
    Roger L. Aamodt, PhD,
    Hamed K. Abbas, PhD
    Bernaard J. Abbott, PhD
    Ursula K. Abbott, PhD
    Refaat A. Abdel-Malek, PhD,

    etc., etc., and so on.

    By the way Mr. jfreed27, if I may . . . what would be YOUR particular level of educational background in the climate sciences?

    Indeed, sir, the debate IS over.

  2. The debate is over, among real scientists, that is. Every national academy of sciences, all others of our most trusted messengers: NASA, NOAA, Dept. of Defense, World Bank, IMF, National Geographic, Scientific American, American Academy of Pediatrics, AMA…the list goes on…..says CC is real, man made and catastrophic.

    We have few years where it can be reversed.

    You armchair scientists can proceed, though. Bloggers are a gullible sort with little scientific background compared to a climate scientist, so you can put your “brilliant analysis” in front of them, rather than a peer reviewed science Journal, for example.

    Your readers deeply wish to believe it’s all a hoax. I do too. Reality is too painful.

    But, I can’t.

    Hey, denial worked for Big Tobacco, though millions of wishful thinkers died in the process.

    There’s good money in this, I don’t doubt. The WSJ might be interested in what you have to say.