Prominent CPAC Speakers Blast Obama White House

Senator Rand Paul at CPAC one of several Tea Party elected leaders.
Senator Rand Paul at CPAC one of several Tea Party elected leaders.

In complete consistency with CPAC presentations of recent years the recent convention showcased sound logic and a no nonsense approach to remedying the nation’s financial and foreign policy woes. Whereas we have seen the GOP establishment attack and try to censor the Tea Party’s pervading influence, we saw speakers, Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, and Texas Governor, Rick Perry, reaffirm those values touted by the constitutional movement.

The clash of ideology and reality

For one to observe the contrast between the CPAC and its leftist Democratic Party counterpart operate is to see the difference between a dignified lecture and a circus laden with elephant dung! The true conservatives on Capitol Hill have the answers and are outlining those points while their Democratic Party opposition is conducting character assassination and Hollywood style idol worship. Empty entertainment for those disinterested in the truth, but dedicated to demonizing conservative values as America crumbles under the weight of out of control spending and the erosion of moral values.

Chris Christie weighs in

Governor Chris Christie kicked off the proceedings to a lukewarm response, but ended his speech with a standing ovation as he pleaded with the Republican establishment to find a way to win. However, as radio show host, Mark Levin pointed out, you win a war with generals who know how to win, not with those who appeal to others that they have to find a way to win.  Governor Christy has now gotten a taste of Democratic back stabbing after his tour of the Hurricane Sandy devastation alongside President Obama seemed to have bolstered his status as a possible presidential candidate for 2016. However, his ambitions for the presidency may be blunted by the bridge scandal that has forced him to  spend too much time explaining and defending his actions not to mention his moderate leanings.

Bobby Jindal speaketh the truth

Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, began his speech to the CPAC crowd questioning President Obama’s reputation for being a smart man saying that we need to reassess that notion. Who could disagree with Jindal’s appraisal with a President who plays 39 holes of golf on 2 consecutive days at the most prestigious courses in the US while the Ukraine crisis rages. Jindal pointed out continued debt ceilings and the Obamacare debacle as proof that our President has little expertise but lots of rhetoric to dish out during hard times for the American people.

The Senator from Texas

Ted Cruz gave an impressive talk that outlined the core principles of conservatives and the Tea Party movement that Democrats and the White House absolutely refuse to embrace at the expense of the American people. Senator Cruz from Texas presents a formidable challenge for the leftists in Washington who will use false allegations and smears to try and turn the American people against a man who values the Constitutional guideposts that made this nation great, but that are in direct conflict with Democrats who would rather hamper the US economy with faulty policies that only promote dependency upon the crumbs of charity by the federal government. They know this is the only way they can rule over the people and remain in power. Cruz just as outspoken as fellow Texan Rick Perry called for the abolishing of the IRS tax system.

Rubio questions foreign policy

Marco Rubio summarized his frustrations with US foreign policy at the inept hands of the Obama administration as a danger to America in the future as well as the world. At a time when tensions are being felt from China to Venezuela, North Korea to the Ukraine, and beyond to the Middle East, the President feels he can mitigate the damage to US prestige abroad with his own delusions. Alluding to the recent reduction in the size of the US military, Senator Rubio did not advocate getting into 15 different wars across the globe, but to remain militarily strong enough to respond to any challenges.

Rick Perry brings the house down

As provocative as these speakers were the one who literally brought the house down and got thunderous applause was Texas Governor Rick Perry. There will be no doubts in whether or not he will run for the presidency again in 2016 according to many. Pointing out that the state of Texas has shouldered 30% of the employment production for a decade and that his state continues its inexhaustible pattern of economic expansion, he called for Washington to stop hammering private sector business. Governor Perry called for Washington to allow prosperity to re-enter the American equation by getting out of the way and lowering taxes. Who could argue with the success of the state of Texas despite the Obama administration’s continued attacks upon Texas energy production.

A little revolution is good

Governor Perry, who once accused Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke of traitorous fiscal policies on his previous campaign, and had hinted that Texas could secede from the union, called for a revolution. Pointing out that Thomas Jefferson once said that the occasional revolution was good for Washington. The governor was no doubt alluding to the need for drastic change if we are to avert a confluence of major crises all at once brought on by the incompetence of the Obama White House.

Mike Lee sounds off

Senator Mike Lee Republican of Utah made it clear that the GOP could not continue to allow the Obama White House to go unopposed hoping that their policy failures alone would somehow convince the American people that change was necessary. He called upon Republicans to take action and to embrace another agenda than the present mindset that has proven disastrous for the country over the last 5 years.

The inevitable outlook

America stands on the brink presently. There is precious little time for this nation to begin a drastic recovery process to reverse the damage of the insane policies unleashed by a corrupt Obama Administration that would rather remain entrenched in radical ideology oblivious to the destruction to this nation caused by their arrogance. CPAC may well be prophetic in its call for changes that must occur if America will remain in its robust role as a world power and a bastion of individual freedom. We may yet see that revolution the Rick Perry called for brought about the Tea Pa



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