Rand Paul wins CPAC Presidential Straw Poll Results – #CPAC2014

CPAC Presidential Straw Poll Results – #CPAC2014

2016 Presidential Straw Poll Results- CPAC2014

  1. CPAC Presidential Straw Poll Results – #CPAC2014Rep. Rand Paul – 31%
  2. Sen. Ted Cruz – 11%
  3. Ben Carson – 9%
  4. Gov. Chris Christie – 8%
  5. Gov. Scott Walker – 7%
  6. Rick Santorum – 7%
  7. Sen. Marco Rubio-  6%
  8. Rep. Paul Ryan – 3%
  9. Gov. Rick Perry – 3%
  10. Gov. Bobby Jindal – 2%
  11. Condoleezza Rice – 2%
  12. Mike Huckabee – 2%
  13. Sarah Palin – 2%
  14. Other – 9%
  15. Undecided – 1%

(N= 2459)

Full results posted after the 2014 CPAC Presidential straw poll (5:45 p.m)

Larry Beasley (President and CEO, The Washington Times), The Honorable Al Cardenas (Chairman, American Conservative Union), and pollster and strategist Tony Fabrizio present results of the 2014 CPAC Straw Poll.

Recorded at the American Conservative Union (ACU) Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2014, March 6-8, 2014, Washington, D.C.

Follow the ACU and CPAC on Twitter: @CPACnews #CPAC2014.

Rand Paul won the recent straw poll at the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference followed by Ted Cruz in second place. We are wonder who you think has the most potential as the 2016 Republican Presidential candidate

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