What Ukraine Tells Us About A Weak Presidency

Putin says, there will be no Problems at the Sochi Games... Just don't turn on electronic devices
The Russian Bear stalks the true wizard of Oz behind the curtain.
The Russian Bear stalks the true wizard of Oz behind the curtain.


The bear feeds on indecisiveness and fear in nature. The bear is a highly underestimated carnivore by the foolish with an intelligence that many researchers say matches that of apes. Tom Clancy once made an analogy in one of his novels concerning Russia, saying that the lumbering federation resembled a bear appearing harmless and even playful to the naïve but being a formidable threat to those familiar with its true nature. I paraphrase Clancy’s appraisal and agree with it as well. Vladimir Putin, a once ruthless KGB agent who loved to pick fights with people he targeted and was a street fighter in his youth, has exploited the weakness of the Obama White House.

Gutting the military for political purpose

When you are reducing your standing army to pre-World War II levels is it not safe to say that you don’t go drawing a line in the sand with the Russian army in a far off eastern bloc country unless you are prepared to back up your bluff? Putin knows that our oval office executive, a former junior senator and community organizer who never held a job or served in the military, is out of his depth. One might even recall in the annals of history that even President John F. Kennedy underestimated Premier Nikita Khrushchev, and was taken to task in his first foreign policy meeting with the Soviet leader. However, Kennedy learned his lesson and forced the Russians to blink during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.

A mediocre leader

However, our President Obama has little idea of what he is doing. He is only studied in his entrenched ideology and is much too busy transforming America into another mediocre third world country bereft of individual freedoms. Vladimir Putin knows this. The Russian strong man knows that we have a paper tiger in the White House with no stomach for a showdown if it comes to that. Our President would rather defer to a UN alliance then ask for permission from Congress whether or not to put US troops in harm’s way. Our President Obama who flaunts the US Constitution is obviously unconcerned with upholding due process of law unless it involves letting captured terrorists off the hook as both Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton have both participated in.

Don’t push a bad position

Why would the US even venture in its weakened and quickly becoming irrelevance in world affairs, be seeking to challenge Russia over its long standing domestic conflict over the cultural populations of Crimea and the Ukraine? Is not the foolishness of such an ill-advised adventure tantamount to lighting a match near a powder keg?  This is one of many long standing territorial and ethnic conflicts that have existed with the Russian Federation for decades and even longer. Why should America intervene? Why risk igniting a war in Europe? Why challenge the bear if you don’t have the stomach to deal with him? Do we really need to confront the Russians over this?

Ulterior motives

There is a fine line between hidden agendas, the players who stand to gain from this fiasco, and what the ultimate intention of a lame duck president who is cornered will do in order to boost his poll numbers and capture leverage for his fledgling party, the Democrats. Yet, maybe this insanity is exactly that, a ploy to bolster his approval ratings over a succession of scandalous failures, and save the impending avalanche of backlash awaiting the Democrats in the coming November elections.

One might recall that one William Jefferson Clinton invoked a short lived war in Serbia once his flagging performance had reduced his presidency to public ridicule and controversy over his personal excesses with Monica Lewinsky and a host of other women he had sexually harassed. What better a way to silence the critics and distract the wrath of the public then by invading another country? How apropos!

Time to realize

This time, Mister President, you are playing with fire. You are tempting fate with a nuclear aspect to this freakish puzzle and you better start connecting the dots very soon! What advice might help, you ask? First, grow a spine. Secondly, you better say what you mean and mean what you say. You are dealing with the lives of our fighting men and women, you are dealing with the lives of European nations who stand to lose here if Putin thinks he can bulldoze everyone! Mister President, this is not about rhetoric or narratives that serve your political agenda, it is about cold hard reality, and the deadly implications of making promises you can’t keep and losing the respect of our allies abroad, which you have already aptly achieved!

Is a war in Europe imminent?

Does the fate of Europe hang in the balance should a megalomaniac like Vladimir Putin believe he can get away with murder and more when faced with Neville Chamberlain-like diplomacy? Where does the US need to draw the line, a red line, a real red line, Mister President? Time to wake up and smell the coffee! Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney realized that Russia presented a threat that was undeniable, but the fools re-elected Obama, and now we are looking down a long barrel and wondering what comes next! Is discretion the better part of valor so we can live to fight another day?

Weak methods less results

How do economic sanctions work when there is 100 trillion in worldwide debt already among nation states? How does an America that has sold trillions worth of its own debt to such nations as China, Japan, Mexico, and a host of others summon the unilateral support of other countries in order to fend off Vladimir Putin in his bid for a push for a bold gesture made by a Russia that has been emboldened by the weakness of the Obama presidency? There’s only so many cards in a poker hand, Mister President.

What leadership?

Would Putin have taken President Obama seriously had a couple of carrier task forces been ordered into the waters near the Ukraine? Is that why the Russians sunk a battleship at the entrance to the Black Sea to block the Ukraine Navy or to let the US Navy know they mean business? And if we had projected our naval and air power into the region would tensions have only heightened bringing us closer to a confrontation that parallels the Cuban Missile Crisis? I am afraid that America lacks the wisdom and leadership that got us through that fateful show down that would shape future foreign policy for years to come. My fellow countrymen, we now live in different times.



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