Gorbachev urges solution in Ukraine crisis to prevent ‘new Cold War’

Mikhail Gorbachev blames the current situation in Ukraine on the failure of Perestroika and the hasty breakup of the Soviet Union. He added that the media should stop adding to the tension preventing a tragic schism between two brotherly nations.

gorbachevIn a letter published on his website on Friday the former Soviet President and Nobel Peace Prize winner said that his position on the Ukrainian crisis remains unchanged. “Our main task is to stop the dangerous escalation and find a solution that would be supported by Ukrainian and Russian citizens and prevent a new Cold War,” the message reads.

At the same time, Gorbachev wrote that he would prefer not to get personally involved in the talks and the diplomatic contacts President Vladimir Putin is having with other national leaders almost daily.

The former Soviet leader holds that the original cause of the current dire situation in Ukraine and Crimea lies in the “deliberate wrecking of Perestroika and in the thoughtless and adventurist dissolving of the Soviet Union.” “I was fighting to keep the union state by all political means I had at my disposal. I would like to emphasize – these were political means. Both before and after the pact was made by the heads of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Ukraine in the Belavezha Forest I was warning about the dangerous and destructive consequences,” Gorbachev said in the message. “Unfortunately they did not listen to my warnings. The Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation approved the destruction of the Soviet Union with applause and not a single word was spoken about Crimea and Sevastopol,” he added

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According to a new CNN poll:

For the first time in more than a decade, Americans feel that Russia is a serious threat to the U.S., according to a new national poll. And they really don’t like Vladimir Putin, either.

According to a CNN/ORC International Poll released today, 69% of those surveyed say Russia is a serious threat to the U.S., a 25-point jump since 2012 and the highest number on that question since the breakup of the Soviet Union.

More than seven in 10 say there is no justification for Russia’s actions in Ukraine, and nearly half believe that a new Cold War is likely in the next few years. As for Putin, he saw a 14-point increase in his unfavorable rating, to 68% from 54% just before the Winter Olympics started in Sochi, Russia, last month.

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