The 10 Richest Members of Congress – 7 of 10 are?

50 richest members of Congress 2013 (the 113th Congress).

Pelosi_moneyTo determine the richest lawmakers, Roll Call adds up the minimum value of total assets reported by each Member on their annual financial disclosures and subtracts the minimum liabilities. Percent change refers to the change since last year’s disclosure forms.


  1. Rep. Darrell Issa R-Calif. – $355.4M

  2. Rep. Michael McCaul R-Texas –  $114.10M

  3. Sen. Mark Warner D-Va.-$96.31M

  4. Sen. Richard Blumenthal D-Conn. -$85.32M

  5. Sen. Jay Rockefeller D-W.Va.- $83.77M

  6. Rep. John Delaney D-Md.- $68.35M

  7. Rep. Jared Polis D-Colo.- $68.13M

  8. Rep. Scott Peters D-Calif. -$44.74M

  9. Sen. Dianne Feinstein D-Calif – $41.67M

  10. Rep. James B. Renacci R-Ohio – $35.90M

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