New Micro Technology Used for Spying

Just another trick up the spy's sleeve!
Just another trick up the spy’s sleeve!

There is a new rage in the medical field; Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS). This 14 millimeter chip will act as a remote diagnostic tool within the human body as an early warning sensor transmitting data to a global network of organizations and medical facilities that will share all aspects of this information. This will be part of a conglomeration of statistical and analytical data that will immeasurably improve medical treatment all over the world putting an end to many diseases that have remained difficult to cure. This tiny device could spell the end of heart disease and other hereditary disorders that have confounded medicine for decades.

Multiple uses

This technology does not just have medical importance it can actually be used for the purposes of analyzing structures for engineering purposes and even seismic data that can be used for monitoring volcanic activity. The advantages here; cheap, intricate information that is tiny and easy to implant or distribute. As a result a bridge can be easily structurally analyzed for safety and future repair. A volcanically active region can be cheaply and thoroughly monitored for potential eruptions or seismic variation with much more precision than ever before.

A disturbing side

Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems will revolutionize analytics and data transmission in a wide variety of applications, but there is a sinister side to the use of this technology. Just as the swift and efficient use of this information gathering will provide accurate information in more detail than ever before with instantaneous network interphase this new technology will bring spying to new heights. It will be easier than ever before to collect information on people’s movements, whereabouts, whether or not geographic locations have been visited or breached. Inevitably just an implant placed in the human body, MEMs will be discreetly placed in people’s houses, cars, along roadsides, you name it. The surface of the earth will likely become saturated at some point in time with these tiny devices as they are used to collect all kinds of data including personal information. Just think of the way this cheap miniature data receiving and sending technology will be abused instead of merely used for civilian benefit.

Adding to a troublesome arsenal

With UAV’s, police helicopters, and camera surveillance everywhere, where does it all end? George Orwell could never have anticipated the expansion of a security such as we have seen with new technical advancements. The wild attraction of MEMS is not just limited to their application as this is a new industry that present a profitable opportunity to investors looking to make a lot of money thanks to the projected growth of this industry. So as this technology is used to end any chance of our having any privacy, this industry will grow rapidly as anxious investors scramble to make money on the new opportunity. Presenting itself to an unwitting public and to opportunistic profiteers unconcerned with the more undesirable aspects of over-zealous surveillance being targeted at the innocent and undeserving, the future seems quite grim in light of this development. One must ask just how far the government will be allowed to go in its unceasing quest for control and power as all members of society become nothing more than potential enemies of the state!

In the wrong hands

Just think of what an already compromised FBI and the all-seeing NSA can now do domestically with this new application of nano level miniaturization that can listen, measure, detail, and transmit its findings with staggering efficiency unseen. Our science fiction writers warned us long ago in such novels as “Brave New World” and “Logan’s Run” how the rise of the security state could spell the death knell for individual freedoms and privacy. Now we are living in an age of reaping the seeds of wrath that have already been sown.

Stop and think

The purpose of this article is not to put more rats in the skull of the reader, nor is it designed to capitalize on the province of paranoia and conspiracy. Rather the purpose is to make the public aware of how beneficent technology will forever be misused by the powers that be with much darker designs for it. The question is just how much more infringement upon our privacies and freedoms will be tolerated by a sleepy and unconcerned public before they realize that they may never get what they had back once they are willing to sacrifice their responsibility to themselves and society as a whole?

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