College Campus Racism Hoax: From Oberlin to Grand Valley State

Much like the notorious Oberlin College racism hoax, the incident caused much turmoil on campus, as reported by MLive:

Fuck_black_historyStudents who live in the residence hall said they were surprised by the incident, saying signs of racial tension haven’t been present in the past.

One resident, Andrew Seawood, a freshman from Stevensville, said the slurs were upsetting because the residents of Copeland typically get along with one another.

“It was a little surprising when they did say something was written,” he said. “Everybody gets along with everybody.”

Others were angry.

Mattie Johnson, a sophomore from Southfield, said she was “appalled” that such intolerance exists in 2014.

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Turns out it is just like Oberlin College: Another College Racism Hoax.

Here is a statement from the GVSU police chief

The Grand Valley State University Police Department has concluded a thorough investigation of the Racial Bias incident reported on February 17, 2014. The person believed to be responsible for the drawing and language written on the dry erase board is a Grand Valley student and the owner of the message board.

The incident has had a disruptive impact on the community and as a result, the student has been referred to the Dean of Students for a student code violation. University policy does not permit the release of his/her name.

So next they will be saying that this is an opportunity to increase awareness of racism in American Colleges

Additionally, the Grand Valley Police Department recognizes that there are bias incidents that take place in our community, so the department, in partnership with many other departments and individuals, remains involved and interested in raising awareness through educational opportunities to help prevent discrimination in any form.

Now HuffPo has retracted the story:

UPDATE: 3/22/14, 1:00 p.m. –On March 21, the Grand Valley State University police department issued a statement regarding the incident described below. After an investigation, it determined that “the person believed to be responsible for the drawing and language written on the dry erase board is a Grand Valley student and the owner of the message board.” Read the full statement here.

Grand Valley State University campus police are investigating an act of racial intimidation allegedly committed in a university dorm on Sunday evening or Monday morning.

The Associated Press reports that racist slurs and a drawing of a person being hanged were found on a whiteboard attached to the door of a black student’s dorm room at the university, located in Allendale, Mich., roughly 15 miles west of Grand Rapids. A disparaging remark about Black History Month also was written on the board.

Now starts a new conversion on race… If race is such a problem in our colleges, how is it that these incidents continue to be exposed as hoaxes?


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  1. The original article was entitled “Racism Still Exists on Campus”. Guess who looks stupid now?

    If the racial “incident” had been authentic, the perpetrator probably would have been facing a federal hate-crimes charge, but faking a hate crime? That’s merely “disruptive,” a “student code violation” to be handled by the Dean of Students, and we can’t be told who the hoaxer was because of “university policy.”

    What a dishonest farce.

    And why did the fossils at the NAACP assemble an “emergency meeting”?

    Not one of the politically correct clowns at Grand Valley State U apologized for this hate hoax.

    You are disgusting. All of you race baiters.