Economic Deception Practiced by the White House

In a frustrating 5 years of floundering leadership and nonexistent transparency, we find yet more evidence of being misled by this Obama administration. When you are in a financial crisis, altering the way that news is furnished to the public by changing definitions is not a very truthful form of evaluation. Yet, in an effort to paint a positive picture, the White House has been modifying labor statistics and economic data that actually misrepresents the current status of the faltering financial state of America that this administration owns.

A compromised mainstream media

Even worse in this toxic equation is the continual protection of the President and his faulty leadership or the omission of damaging news content that would inform the general public over just what criminal and negligent actions have been taken by the is White House over the last 5 years that should have long ago provoked a vote on impeachment. As establishment Republicans refuse to perform their duty and oppose this administration, the economic damage continues to mount. If only it were that simple though as we find the White House at odds with our Constitutional rights, the rights of the unborn, we find them meddling in our children’s educational content trying to interject homosexuality and contraception, not to mention the attack on Christianity.

Is this really governing?

In a free society that boasts open content and individual rights, why does the present federal government exercise an agenda of iron fisted control over all aspects of one’s life financially, over health care, over religious affiliation, over privacy, and even over American industry under a blanket of suppression? The true question really is just who does President Obama belong to? Who is behind this bungling figure head, who continues to orchestrate the advocacy of destructive policies that have prolonged the suffering of this nation?

Refusal to act

The more disturbing accompaniment to this question is why has a GOP dominated Congress not acted in curtailing the actions of this president and his minions? Why has the pain and suffering in this country been allowed to continue unobstructed. This surely demonstrates the infiltration of our government by a radical leftist element dedicated to the downfall of America as the system of checks and balances that is supposed to exist in our government is not working.

Reality ignored

According to financial analyst Dan Celia, the revised figures on the GDP growth of this current economy were downgraded from 4.1% on February 28 to the present status of well below 3%. According talk show host, Reagan era official, and Constitutional expert, Mark Levin states that there must be a minimum of 3% annual growth in order for the US economy to surpass the break-even level. So, these findings contradict the empty promises of the Obama regime, who continues to tout their non-existent achievements. Even the cooked results of economic status as reported to the public by the federal government’s own Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) are troublingly anemic.

Questions that should be asked

Where will this lack of accountable stewardship lead the American people? According to those conservative economic advisers like Dan Celia, a day of reckoning is fast on the way. Continued deficit spending and more plans for even more of it by President Obama as revelations of the health care debacle continue with a projected cost that triples original estimates over 10 years should surprise no one if the US dollar collapses and America descends into chaos as a result However, the façade will apparently continue as the US media either overlooks or refuses to inform the America public of inescapable disaster at the hands of the Obama administration.

The root of the evil

If anyone bothers to ask where the precedent for such irresponsible and reckless refusal to acknowledge economic reality comes from they need only refer to Cloward Piven strategy. This scheme by a couple of professors was conjured up to implement a doomsday policy of completely disrupting the US economy in order to impose an epiphany upon our leadership. This catastrophic approach would supposedly provide for the poor to receive automatic cost of living subsistence by the government to alleviate all poverty within the US. One might ask at what cost to those who work and pay taxes? One might also ask what is wrong with work programs that teach job skills and use drug tests to prevent such an element from scamming tax payer funded programs. Of course this has been rejected by Democrats, a party that have existed well beyond its destructive irrelevance. Ruling through deception is a tried and true recipe for disaster and has historic evidence to prove it. So, why does the insanity continue?

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