Funny! Apocalypse Cow — Obama EPA To Regulate Cow Farts

Bovine Emissions, Cattle Flatulence or just plain Cow farts, your local gaseous Vegan has convinced the world that it is not longer the industrial revolution that is causing global warming,   and God forbid don’t look at those who eat Tofu and Cabbage all day as the enemy of nature. One needs only look to our farm land and the culprit behind our impending doom is right there eating grass. Cows! Maybe they are right, we should all Eat Mor Chikin!

Regulation: The White House has released a Climate Action Plan that includes the targeting of methane emissions from cows and other barnyard animals that threaten the planet through belching and other, er, activities.

It’s our lust for cheeseburgers that’s dooming the planet through climate change, the Obama administration said in a Climate Action Plan released Friday that seeks to save us all from ruminant livestock.

Having already blamed the Industrial Revolution for what we used to call weather and temperatures that have flat-lined for 15 years, the White House is now targeting American agriculture abundance by slashing methane emissions from cows by 25% by 2020.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the “special digestive systems” of “ruminant livestock” such as cattle, sheep, buffalo, and goats produce methane, a more potent “greenhouse gas” than even the carbon dioxide we humans exhale or the exhaust from the SUVs we use to take the kids to soccer practice.

The EPA says “cattle emit about 5.5 million metric tons of methane per year into the atmosphere, accounting for 20% of U.S. methane emissions.” Such ravaging of the planet from cow belching and flatulence must be stopped, says the EPA.

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