Can’t #GetCovered with buggy Obamacare Site

The Obama administration has stated that due to site excessive load of over one-hundred-thousand, the site has been unable to process the multitude of applications to enroll in Obamacare.

As I am writing this article, the Drudge Report has over 100 thousand visitors on his site right now and seems to be operating well. Amazon is screaming through approximately 114 thousand transactions per hour, handling some 82 million unique visitors per month.  But can’t seem to handle a mere 100K?

The writer is not one to speculate on conspiracy theories, but I am wondering if the Obama administration knew that limiting resources on the last day of enrollment might crash the site, thus giving them reason and an excuse to increase the enrollment period past today’s deadline.

Anyone who works in info-tech knows one can stress test a site for potential traffic and adjust resources to meet the potential traffic need.  The Obama admin has had over three years!

Call it Glitches Take Two.

I can envision the White House press secretary exclaiming that the administration foresaw this bottle neck and the ‘attempted to enroll’ extension was appropriate.

One wonders how a site,  that cost the American people $634 million,  could possibly not be able to handle a modest 100K load.  Sites, like Politisite, can handle traffic levels similar to what is being experienced today at a cost < 1/100th of $634 million.

The optics are perfect, is but a metaphor of government intervention in ones personal freedoms, it always costs more and does less than if private industry did it for themselves.

Now, after being down for hours, is back up and running. Amazing how fast they fixed the glitch after the right leaning commentators began pointing out that is a perfect example of what is wrong with Obama’s vision of ‘cradle to grave’ government.

How appropriate,  the day before April Fools Day and Obama’s signature legislation and its corresponding website are a total joke.

Here is what Twitter is saying about Glitch Take 2 Conspiracy:

or ‘down for’ a Basketball game!

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