GOP Party of the Rich? Check out this Top 10 List!

 Who Really Represents the Rich in Congress?

We have heard it for decades, Republicans are for the rich and big business and Democrats are for the poor and labor unions.  But within Census Bureau data the truth of who really represents the rich in congress is revealed.

Limousine Liberals, as they are called, represent 8 of 10 richest congressional districts in congress.  How could this be?  What is the reason that Republicans don’t represent these uber-rich districts?  I mean, they are the party of the rich, right?

Funny, Politifact once fact checked a statement by ‘Occupy Democrats’ that said that 9 out of 10 poorest states are represented by Republicans.  They ruled this as ‘mostly true’   The group was using this data to suggest that Republican policies aren’t helping the poor.  But why would poor people vote for them?

Maybe all of that ‘Democrats are for the poor‘ comes down to nothing more than a convincing public relations campaign to convince the poor voting block that the Democrats care more about them.  And Democrats know what better for the poor and have moved the poor out of poverty.  A little Food for Thought.

The Truth will set you Free.

 Top 10 List of  the Richest House Districts and their Representative in Congress:

  1. New York 12 – Rep. Carolyn Maloney, Democrat – Per capita income: $75,479
  2. California 33 – Rep. Henry Waxman, Democrat – Per capita income: $61,273
  3. New York 10 – Rep. Jerry Nadler, Democrat – Per capita income: $56,138
  4. California 18 – Rep. Anna Eshoo, Democrat – Per capita income: $ 54,182
  5. Connecticut 4 – Rep. Jim Himes, Democrat – Per capita income: $50,732
  6. Virginia 8 – Rep. Jim Moran, Democrat – Per capita income: $50,210
  7. New Jersey 7 – Rep. Leonard Lance, Republican – Per capita income: $48,556
  8. California 12 – Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Democrat – Per capita income: $48,523
  9. New York 3 – Rep. Steve Israel, Democrat – Per capita income: $47,991
  10. Virginia 10 – Rep. Frank Wolf, Republican – Per capita income: $47,281

Source: Census Bureau

Now, did you take a good look at the list?  These are not moderate Democrats here, these are some of the far-left-wing of the Democratic party.

Some of these Representatives appear on another list:  The 10 Richest Members of Congress

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  1. Are you naive enough to believe that the people that voted them into office are the ‘people’ that these congressmen are actually representing?

    How about finding out who is funding the congressmen’s campaign funds, special interests, libraries, and Swiss bank accounts. Then, and only then, can you talk about who is representing whom.