Obama Admin. Providing Free Weapons To Russian Army

Thanks to findings divulged recently by Congress through Judicial Watch, a non-partisan organization, the Russian army in Ukraine is getting free high tech weaponry from the US. Among the many betrayals and stabs in the back suffered by the American people as well as US allies this proves to be a shocking eye opener. Apparently President Obama continues to cling to the notion that Vladimir Putin and his regime are in some ways friends of the US, and therefore deserve being equipped with the best American military hardware!

Just call it what it is; Treason!

It would be very hard to rationalize any other way that our president is doing anything else but selling this nation short and compromising our position in the world with our enemies and potential threats. In view of this latest hidden fiasco, how could anyone possibly consider this move to be anything but dangerous to national security if not downright traitorous? It would seem that President Obama has been intent upon disarming our troops and US Air Force cutting budgeting for crucial US missiles and ground attack platforms like the venerable A-10 Wart Hog.

Is Obama delusional?

With America capitulating over the Crimean invasion by the Russian Federation Army and in turn giving foreign aid to Russia, only weakness and naivety can be attributed to President Obama as he further allows his decisions to undermine US military might and hand over our superior technology to the Russian Army. If this is not an outrageous move by an already out of control White House it would be hard to imagine what could be worse.

According to former Congressman, Tom Tancredo, this move by Obama has showcased American impotence over the Crimea and an ever increasing aggressiveness by the Russian Army. Republican Mike Turner of Ohio voices the same views and warns that military aid to Russia must cease immediately!

US high tech arsenal given away to our enemies?

According to details of this secret act the MILES system is being currently transferred to the Russian arsenal for free and paid for by US taxpayers. The Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System, part of a nuclear weapons deployment package is now in the hands of the Russian army! What is this President doing? How much more could American interests be compromised militarily, economically, and from a foreign policy perspective?

Inherent denial

When America is losing the respect of its traditional allies, and being weakened from within not just from errors in judgment but from intentional sabotage of our defensive capabilities an alarm should be resonating through-out the land. There should be a strong message being sent to patriots and conservative everywhere that heinous acts of treason are being perpetrated by our executive branch with impunity. Someone wants America to be taken down no matter how dirty it has to get, no matter how many lies need to be told, no matter how many lives will be threatened! However, the US media will not report stories like this. Our current generation of I-phone addicted internet puppies won’t allow this kind of alarm to ruffle their feathers. So, where does this all end?

The new era

When one considers that after Benghazi, no American federal employee should consider themselves anything more than expendable in the face of threats on foreign soil, the facts of the matter is that we are in an unprecedented era. That era speaks of blanket unpatriotic sentiment within the ranks of the Obama administration. The American people need to wake up to the fact that not only is their captain asleep at the wheel, but he is busy lying to them when he does bother to address any concerns of the doubtful, who perceive deception in the propaganda being handed down. We are in the midst of a dangerous juncture where fools have been allowed to take charge of the giant footsteps left for them by the framers of our Constitution, who foresaw the threat posed by future radical White Houses.

An ominous note to this story. Since reviewing the source of this article, it has been scrubbed from the internet. You must pay attention to what your enemies known and unknown are up to.

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  1. The inspection of nuclear sites on both nations is required by the SALT agreement are you not aware of that? As a disabled vet I find it very troubling the posting of articles with no fact checking sites or links to your comments Journalism 101 sir. I fought for your right to voice your voice at least be considerate of providing facts to your article, have a good and safe day!