A Government Suppressed Society

The US economy even when stumbling and being suppressed by bad federal government policy is still the largest economy in the world. That being said, still millions of Americans remain unemployed, food stamps and welfare rolls are at record highs under the rule of the Obama administration, and deficit spending threatens to wreck the American monetary system. In financial markets that are based upon capitalistic principle where 71% of our economy is driven by consumer spending, the incompetence of the White House is being felt.

Just ask yourself this

How could a vibrant nation such as America be slipping into a quagmire of mediocrity and fiscal uncertainty under such inept leadership? Why is this being allowed to happen? Why is the potential for the largest energy production in the world for natural gas being obstructed by the Obama administration? America could not only produce the cleanest burning fuel, create millions of jobs, lower our energy costs while selling the profitable surplus to foreign nations, but this would offset the trade imbalance here. Twenty two permits for natural gas production in the US were recently denied by the Obama White House! Why?

Why be adverse to business in this country?

Implementation of the Keystone Pipeline would also provide this nation with construction jobs, cheap secure energy distribution, tax revenues for domestic jurisdictions hosting the pipeline, maintenance crews, security patrols, and our partner, Canada would strengthen its ties with America too.  What could be wrong with this picture? Nothing. Yet, using regulatory tyranny by the EPA, President Obama and the Democrats have forced America to suffer for political purpose.

The Obama White House has almost killed the coal industry, a major job creator. America has the most effective environmental controls to mitigate coal, yet this administration would rather destroy US industry while allowing China and Russia to produce coal with unrestricted pollution going unchecked in their countries. Without the reserve capability of coal burning plants to buttress our electrical grid, the US faces major blackouts during peak usage in the winter and summer threatening the health and lives of millions Americans once outages occur. The resulting costs in recovery of lost service by repair crews as families face freezing to death in winter or heat stroke in the heat of summer, can be easily avoided by having coal as a viable source of energy when not harassed by unrealistic EPA regulations.

Intentional suppression

Using excessive taxation on a corporate and personal income level, the federal government under the Obama administration discourages reinvestment into the US economy. Three trillion dollars in capital remains beyond the jurisdiction of the US as corporate taxes prohibit US employers from remaining within the domestic boundaries of America. Men and women of the US work force face the highest personal taxes on the face of the planet as their dollars go for causes they do not even approve of yet are being utilized by a radical federal government that would rather force the people to do things that violate our traditions and heritage. Taxpayers are funding radical causes and failing green energy businesses that cannot solve the problems they are supposed to address. Yet, millions in taxes are being used to fund bankrupt ridden firms that cannot compete with foreign technology when they are using obsolete technology.

Smelling the coffee

So, what do these perplexing realities tell us? Why would a government victimize its own people and hold them down? Why would a government for the people, by the people, and of the people be willing to compromise the prosperity of the greatest nation on the face of the earth? The truth is more confounding than these desperate questions!

The never ending saga

The Obama administration has been stricken with fiascos created by its own incompetence and even intention. In doing so, the White House has brought America dangerously close to the brink without a thought to the consequences of the very people that this government is tasked to represent and protect! Never before has an American administration demonstrated so much ambivalence to the welfare of its own people. The hard working and responsible people of this nation are being treated as the enemy as illegal aliens are being encouraged to use the system to their benefit at the expense of taxpayers. As the ICE is prohibited from deporting convicted criminals and forced to release them back into the domestic population.

When reality no longer applies

Despite the majority disapproval against the plague of Obamacare, still the White House continues to manufacture falsely optimistic statements about a failing nationalized medicine scam. This poorly conceived scheme will hold 1/6 of the US economy hostage with devastating cost overruns and prohibitive deductibles that defeat the very concept of affordable health care. This faulty plan will not only insure less people can afford coverage, but it will force many employers to drop employee insurance plans all together in favor of paying a penalty because the penalty is more affordable than paying for Obamacare. The result? Millions more Americans will go uninsured!

The merciless agenda

What is the ulterior motive behind all this? Who would force millions of responsible Americans to endure high levels of unemployment, a faltering economy, the compromise of American prestige abroad as this bungling administration continues to sabotage American from within? Why would any White House allow this kind of chaos to prevail when we already have a historic template that created a miraculous economic recovery under the Reagan administration? Why not use a successful formula over and over again?

The answer is as provocative as it is reprehensible! It’s all about power and out of control ideology. It’s all about remaining in control as a ruling class rather than allowing a Constitutional republic to continue as it has unmolested by entrenched ideologues, who simply want to impose their draconian will upon the people they detest! Violating the Constitutional rights of the citizens with impunity simply to impose their arrogance over their own countrymen characterizes the Obama White House and the current socialist incarnation of the Democratic Party.


Now, you might wonder why they would allow America to falter. Who could possibly want the Democratic Party at the helm if the economy were growing and Americans were making excellent wages, industry was prosperous, and people could be self-reliant without having to beg for the crumbs that the federal government hands them through food stamp and welfare programs? Who would want to subsist on handouts from the government if the economy prospered, jobs were available, and the economy was in an expansion mode? What would we need the Democrats for? Would they not quickly fade into irrelevance?

The answer

This is why the Democrats and President Obama must suppress the US economy with bad policies that under the aegis of environmental concerns, under the guise of compassion for the poor, under the façade of racial equality seem to justify the interference of federal government into every aspect of our society. As big, oversized, government employing a tenth of the work force exercising no budgetary restraint we see our society suffocating under this assault against our liberties.

A platform based upon deception

As long as the Democrats can accuse, lie, impose their radical agenda, and confuse the minds of a lemming public, America will slip further into a tail spin that it cannot recover from. President Obama and the Democrats know that if they lowered taxes, trimmed the unnecessary spending of the federal government, liquidated unnecessary bureaucracy, and adopted more business friendly policies that this would expose them for the lying hypocrites that they really are, who would destroy this nation for political advantage. They must insure their strangle hold on America is not loosened or the truth will be exposed and they will not remain in power anymore. Once their flawed and disingenuous approach to ruling America has been exposed as another miraculous recovery is orchestrated under a conservative GOP White House, the deck of Obama White House cards will collapse.

Where is the truth?

The truth is more and more becoming a rare commodity. Under the Obama administration it is practically nonexistent. Only by releasing ourselves from the bonds of the lies being perpetrated by the Obama White House can the US economy recover, can cheaper energy prices emerge again, and a suppressed American work force be allowed to flourish once more. It is that simple, but for a convoluted web of deceit can president and Democrats exist under the matrix of disinformation they must fabricate to remain viable. Government in America was never intended to be in the heavy handed role it has now adopted. Our forefathers foresaw this and knew this republic could never survive under the grasp of collectivists and liberals. If Americans simply wake up and pay attention, the little man behind the curtain will cease to be the all mighty Wizard of Oz.

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