NYT Friedman says “Global Weirding” caused Syrian Revolution

Not only does Liberal New York Times writer call anyone who disagrees with him on Climate Change a communist radical, he blames the Syrian revolution on Global warming or in his words “global weirding.”

Here is the Transcript from Face the Nation:

BOB SCHIEFFER: Tom, let me just ask you this question.  In our politics now, everything breaks on these ideological lines.  It just breaks.  Is there such a break in the scientific community?  How does the scientific community come down on this whole idea of climate change?

THOMAS FRIEDMAN: Let me put it in personal terms.  So your son or daughter has a disease.  And you go to a hundred doctors.  97% of them, 97 of a 100 say, “This is the cause and this is the cure.”  And 3% say, “This is the cause.  This is the cure.”  That’s what it is on the climate science.  97% of experts say this.  3% say that.  And conservatives are saying, “I’m gonna go with the 3%.”  That’s not conservative.  That’s Trotskyite radical, okay?  That you would go with the 3% not the 97%.

To pick up on something that Heidi said, I actually don’t like to use the term “global warming.”  Because that sounds so cuddly.  To a Minnesota, Bob, that sounds like golf in February.  I much prefer the term “global wierding”, okay?  Because that’s actually what happens.  The hots get hotter.  The wets get wetter.  The dries get dryer.  And the more violent storms for the reasons Heidi outlined are most likely to become more severe. And that’s what we saw in Syria.  We saw a four-year drought, worst in Syria’s modern history, that preceded the revolution there and produced a million refugees that basically laid the predicate for that revolution.

BOB SCHIEFFER: All right.  Well, we’re going to continue this on part two of the broadcast.  And we’ll be back in a moment with a look at a very important (UNINTEL).


BOB SCHIEFFER: Well, welcome back to Face the Nation.  We are back now with Tom Friedman and Heidi Cullen of Climate Central to continue our conversation on climate change.  The World Health Organization put out a report last month saying that seven million people worldwide were killed by air pollution.  One in eight deaths tied to dirty air, which is twice that previously estimated.  How can that be?

THOMAS FRIEDMAN: Well, it can be because while we’re cutting back on coal use here, Bob, we’re like an addict who’s given up heroine, but we’ve decided to go into the business of being a pusher.  Because we’re sending that coal all over the world.  And other people are still burning it.  And it gets back to a central point.  Some people say, you know, “Climate change is a hoax.”

Which I say, you know, if it’s a hoax, it’ll be the greatest hoax that ever happened to us.  Because if we do everything we need to do (UNINTEL) prevent climate change and it doesn’t happen, we will be like someone who trains for the Olympic triathlon and the triathlon never came.  We’ll be stronger.  We’ll have cleaner air.  We’ll have healthier society.  We’ll have more innovative industry.  We’ll have a stronger dollar.  We’ll be less dependent on the worst petro dictators in the world starting with Vladimir Putin and the likes of him.  So to me, I don’t think it’s a hoax in the least.  But if it were and we did everything we could to prevent it, we’d only be stronger.  By the way, if it’s not a hoax and we don’t do anything, we will be a bad biological experiment.

BOB SCHIEFFER: Heidi, what do we need to do?

HEIDI CULLEN: I think that these reports from the scientific community make clear that strong sustained leadership is so important.  (UNINTEL) report came out, second year in a row, China, who we’ve all seen these awful pictures of pollution in China.  China is the world’s leader in investment in renewables.  $54 billion for China.  About $37 billion for the U.S.

We need to really move towards making this a nonpartisan issue here in the States.  And there’s a great scene, actually, in the Years project, where Bob Inglas, former Republican congressman fro South Carolina, sits down with Michael Grimm, a Republican from Staten Island, where I grew up.  Grimm has been dealing with the awful impacts of Sandy.  And Inglas says to him, “You know what?  I’m Republican.  And I believe in climate change.  You’ve just been through a terrible experience, where you’ve seen your community ravaged by, in part, climate change.  Maybe it’s time to rethink this.  You know, the Chinese certainly didn’t treat this as a partisan issue.”  And I think that’s really the direction that we need to move in.

BOB SCHIEFFER: Tom, tell me about your part of this, where you went into Syria of all places.

THOMAS FRIEDMAN: So between 2006 and 2010, Syria actually experienced the worst drought in its modern history.  And as a result, about a million Syrian farmers and herders left the countryside, flocked to the cities, where they completely overstressed, already stressed in part by Iraqi refugees as well.  And it basically, when the (UNINTEL PHRASE) starting all these Arab Springs.  So climate change didn’t cause Assad to kill Syrians and be an oppressive dictator.  But it was what Hayden said.  It was a stressor that when the revolution came, you had a million climate change refugees who the Syrian regime had completely ignored, a million environmental refugees.  And so when the revolution came, they couldn’t wait to join.

BOB SCHIEFFER: All right, well thank you all very, very much.  This sounds like just a fascinating series.  We’re going to ask both of you to stick around for our panel.  And we’ll be right back.


SmallDeadAnimals points out Thomas Friedman has limited his carbon footprint by living in a modest home so “Global Weirding” on earth may be reduced and prevent future Syrian Revolutions.  Typical Global Climate Change Hypocrisy in plain view

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  1. Don’t even bother arguing the point of global warming, climate change or weirding …. it is not about that … it is about governments in the western world who are going broke paying off their backers in each election and now the wall is being hit …. they are trying to get you to agree to give up your prosperity to bail out the entire world …. it cannot be done of course, but they are the middle men who want their bug commissions.

    This is about freedom or slavery and has NOTHING to do with climate. Get that through your heard before you start with your climate equations and formulas and historic horse clap. Those of us who know it’s all a scam know it and those who don’t are not about to change their egos and admit they were in on a conspiracy to rob the western world of it’s wealth and enslave it’s people..

  2. Do some research on where that “97%” comes from. 10,257 scientists asked two questions. All but 79 excluded from analysis of the results. 76 of 79 stated that global temperatures have risen relative to pre-1800 levels. Anthony Watts also agrees with this. So do most “deniers”. 75 of 77 think human activity is a significant contributing factor to changing mean global temperatures. Again. Many “deniers” also agree with this. How 76/10,975=97% is beyond me. The paper is doran/Zimmerman – 2009. Note that significant contributing factor is not the same as major cause. Note also that here, as elsewhere, the talk is of rising temperatures. Warming. So if you are going to say “it’s not global warming, it is climate change”, better inform the consensus scientists, because they are talking about warming.

  3. If the 97% of doctors are getting a sweet deal from the pharmaceuticals they prescribe, but the 3% don’t and are saying let’s wait and see – who is motivated by what? You publish for greenish stuff and the other green flows

  4. If Friedman is a “Liberal” then Obama is a Vanilla Bunny. Freidman married well, and is a staunch Zionist. A couch potato millionaire that never got his widdle fingews dirty working. Period.

    Liberal is a foreign concept to him.

    However, in “The Narrative” msm propagandists have built up, the fake “liberals” on msm sources now are seen as “legitimate” representatives and political heirs of people like Thomas Jefferson. George Washington. Patrick Henry. Real Liberals, and proud of it. See what I mean? Doesn’t quite “wash”, now does it??

    Wanna try again with the “Liberal” label on Freidman now, please? Thank you.

  5. Not if the 3% are correct and the 97% are not. This isn’t high school. There is no need to be with the “in crowd”, just the ones who tell the truth. The Climate Change/Global Warming crowd are operating as if this is the path to follow. Along the way, they have faked data, exchanged emails calling for favorable data (fixed-see that hockey stick) and so on. Give it up. You’re liars and it’s plain to see. You just want more taxes/money/power/control. You can’t have it. Be gone. Peace to humanity.

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