Bombshell: IRS Lois Lerner Fast Tracked OFA, Hoped To Get A Job

Lois Lerner’s already in serious ethical and legal trouble thanks to her role in the troublesome IRS targeting scandal, but new evidence revealed by the House Ways and Means Committee Wednesday shows that she privately hoped to land a job with Organizing for Action, President Obama’s liberal campaign arm.

According to emails released by Ways and Means, Lerner replied “Oh – maybe I can get the DC office job!” after receiving an email notifying her that OFA was opening a DC office.

It’s disturbing that an IRS official would be so candid about her partisan aspirations while heading the nation’s tax-collecting agency. It’s also becoming increasingly clear that the actions of Lerner and the IRS were motivated by partisan affiliations – and House Republicans have made it demonstrably clear that such actions by the IRS are unacceptable.

From the Daily Caller:

Ex-IRS official Lois Lerner talked about taking a job with President Barack Obama’s nonprofit advocacy group Organizing for Action (OFA) while she had official oversight at the IRS over nonprofit tax-exempt groups.

The revelation was made Wednesday in the House Ways and Means Committee’s referral letter to the Department of Justice (DOJ) to prosecute Lerner on criminal charges. Ways and Means voted to refer Lerner to DOJ.

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