Democrats 2014 Campaign Strategy Backfires

Democrats began their 2014 campaign strategy this week by attempting to reignite the Republican war on women and painting Republicans as the party of the un-American Koch Brothers.

It began with President Obama signing two executive orders that requires companies doing business with the government to report income data based on gender and race to the Department of Labor.  They also put out talking points that claimed that women make $0.77 cents to every $1.00 dollar a man makes in the full-time workforce.  Politisite and other news outlets pointed out that the many reasons that women make less than men the least of which is workplace discrimination.

Further, we and other journalists pointed out that using the Obama administrations own statistical methods, women in the White House make less than menJay Carney defensively defended the administration and finally settled that income inequality in the White House is better than the nation as a whole.

Other outlets listed the number of Democrats in Congress that pay their female staff members less.

The list includes:

  • Mark Udall pays women 85 cents for every dollar that a man makes.
  • Mary Landrieu pays women 88 cents for every dollar that a man makes.
  • Mark Begich pays women 82 cents for every dollar that a man makes.
  • Mark Warner pays women 75 cents for every dollar that a man makes.
  • Gary Peters pays women 67 cents for every dollar that a man makes.

Seems a bit of hypocrisy remains among Democrats.

Next Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been harping on campaign donations of the so-called evil and un-American Koch brothers.  This too backfired when it was revealed that Harry Reid along with other top Democrats had received campaign contributions from the very evil ones they have demonized.

The List includes:

While the press had once turned a blind eye to the Alinsky like ‘divide and conquer’ campaign tactics that focused on demonizing its opponents, it appears that this is not so in 2014.  Seems the press has finally tired of allowing misleading data and tactics to be applied for the common good.

One additional bit of Democratic Party Hypocrisy, seems every time a left leaning company comes out with a minimum wage that reflects the Obama administrations $10.10 agenda, they send out a press release or mention it in a public forum.  Not once has the administration mentioned that Hobby Lobby pays its full-time employees a minimum wage of $14.00 per hour, let alone not mentioning WalMarts excellent healthcare plan that transcends from executives to its regular employees.

And just for good measure, if Obama was REALLY concerned about women and the LGBT community (and not using them as part of a campaign strategy to reelect Democrats) he would have brought up those issues while he was in Saudi Arabia.

So Women, Minimum Wage earners, Blacks and Gays, understand this, Obama and the Democrats are only using you as a tool to get themselves re-elected and continue on the failed policies of this administration.

Today, as our benevolent President heads to the Fort Hood Memorial service, he will than regain his laser focus tonight at two Democratic fundraisers.  And what will the topics be?  War on Women, Minimum wage and those evil Koch Brothers and something about immigration reform and minority issues for good measure.

So Finally, finally, the press is calling the Democrats out and reporting to all who will listen, It is about them… Not you.


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