GOP to DCCC Chair Steve Israel: Show me the Racists

On Sunday’s “State of the Union,” CNN’s Candy Crowley asked DCCC Chairman Rep. Steve Israel if he thought his Republican colleagues are racist.

Israel responded, “Not all of them, no. Of course not. But to a significant extent, the Republican base does have elements that are animated by racism.”

Via –  Breitbart

According to Breitbart, NRCC’s Digital Press Secretary Andrew Clark wants Steve Israel to Show him the Racist Republicans the left keeps talking about.

Candy Crowley’s Sate of the Union addressed racial animus within the Republican party after Attorney General Eric Holder alluding that the National Action network that he is being treated negatively due to being black.  Additionally, Nancy Pelosi told reporters she heard Republicans telling a group of white people that if  immigration legislation was about them, it would be easy to pass immigration reform.  Pelosi failed to identify the Republicans or the time and place she allegedly heard this dialogue.

Seems to us the Democrats ‘Republican Racists’ are like George W. Bush WMDs  He swears they are there but can’t seem to produce any.

But we can produce a few racist Democrats… Seems President Obama just touted LBJ, who had lots of great things to say about Black folk. Ironic.

But one needs to know, this is Democrat strategy 101 and it is getting old,  fast.



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  1. If you’re a black liberal caught red-handed, your accuser is a racist. If you’re a white liberal caught red-handed, your accuser is a McCarthy-ite. The Big Bad Wolf, Dracula, and Frankenstein are waiting in the wings for their walk-on parts as the Republican boogeymen.