In The Wake of Benghazi A Bigger Question

As the GOP poises for a new assault on the stonewalling of the Obama White House over the Benghazi attacks under the Chairmanship of Trey Gowdy, Charles Krauthammer proposes a new idea that may prove more damaging a secret than what we already suspect. That question is, what was President Barack Obama doing over the next few hours after having been advised of the situation by Leon Panetta just before 5:00 o’clock that afternoon over an attack that went on for 7 and a half hours. What was the President indeed doing in that time when we know he attended a Las Vegas fundraiser the next day replete with a number of celebrities that he was keen on meeting up with?

What went on after Obama knew?

We know that late the evening around 10:00 pm est. that President Obama made a call to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. According to the nonsensical and amazing stories concocted by the White House that simply dissolved under the light of day, doubtless that he and Hillary were already strategizing over damage control and how to save his next bid for another term. Since there have already been leaks in White House e-mails and memos implicating the staff creating talking points to counteract their obvious gross negligence in the deadly Benghazi attacks, we can definitely ascertain that perpetrating a viable alibi was in the works between the President and Hillary Clinton, both knowing that the repeated pleas for help by Ambassador Stevens went unanswered in the weeks prior to the attack.

Getting rid of a major witness

The big question looms here. Was Ambassador Stevens being set up as the fall guy as he was a crucial witness over his very own involvement in the illegal arms dealings that were supplying weapons and ammo to the Syrian rebels from across Turkish territory with the secret aid of one of their government officials? This should have been a criminal offense and automatic impeachment for the President as well. Yet, when your very own US Attorney General, Eric Holder, a convicted felon is in your pocket the wheels of justice that grind so slowly will not grind at all!

Admiral Lyons weighing in

Admiral James Lyons, who alleged that the Obama White House had perpetrated a mock hostage exchange for the release of the “Blind Sheikh” once Ambassador Stevens had been abducted and exchanged for this imprisoned terrorist, went largely unnoticed by the lapdog US media running interference for the President. Such is the damning corruption and complicity that exists between Capitol Hill and the press corps. The fog of orchestrated news and false narratives of the Democrats has effectively blinded our uninvolved general public in magnificent Soviet disinformation fashion. As a matter of fact, our Democratic Party and CFR vetted TV journalists have practically adopted Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals”.

Make a wild guess

So, what next? Do we hope and pray that a new revelation will come along via another White House leak when the clamp down on those wounded and surviving Benghazi demonstrates what a gag order can do to the release of the truth? Where will it all end? Will Trey Gowdy of Texas spearhead an effective investigation that will finally unlock the dismal lies and deceptions designed to get Obama re-elected and sweep this mess under the rug for good? We shall see! One thing is for certain. Speaker of the House, John Boehner, has definitely done some classic foot dragging over this latest special committee that should have been assembled long ago in establishing who the culprits are and just how long they shall serve in prison for this heresy!

The proverbial smoking gun

Let us contemplate just one more question in all this. Who ordered the stand down to AFRICOM, nearby CIA facility, NAS in Naples, and other US military units within striking distance? There was only one person capable of doing that as the top executive branch officer, the head of the oval office, the President, himself, was authorized to order such a sweeping command. Why is this piece of crucial circumstantial evidence being ignored? Oh, that’s right. Refer back to rule number one. When your own US Attorney General, a convicted felon pardoned by Bill Clinton, who has pardoned convicted terrorists, and who was found in contempt of Congress is in your back pocket, justice simply won’t be done, will it?

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