The Official Pushback Against The Benghazi Investigation

As we count down the hours and minutes to the GOP’s long awaited special committee’s probe into the questionable and treasonous actions of the Obama White House over the Benghazi massacre, we can be assured of one thing. Although we cannot count on definitive answers and the prosecution of those guilty of obstruction of justice as well as criminal negligence in the loss of American lives in a hostile foreign territory, we can be assured of resistance to the investigation.

Doomed before commencement?

The ironic thing about this special investigation will not be the perceived guilt of the Democratic Party in its refusal to take responsibility for what happened, but instead it will be the timidity of the Republican establishment to move boldly in exploring all avenues of evidence that will lead to convictions and vengeance for those who not only died while in the service of their country, but also those ambassadorial employees of the federal government who were wounded and then forced into silence by the Obama White House State Department as they lay recovering in their hospital beds.

When you have the press on your side

We can also rely upon the US media to almost completely with few exceptions to ignore or downplay the results of the investigation should inconvenient and compelling evidence by dredged up from the muddy waters of deception shining the light of truth upon the lies of the Obama State Department. After all, would President Obama have even gotten re-elected if the American press had objectively reported the events, had they jumped on the story if this had happened under the Bush administration, had any conservative White House conducted such a series of lame misdirections? Chances are very good that the White House may very well have changed hands and been in the more capable grasp of Mitt Romney, whose fiscal expertise and economic savvy would have forced Washington into much needed budget cutting.

Gradual leftist revolt

Yet, we in America must live under the realization that a soft coup is underway. The days of noble intentions and forthright government are over. The days of governing according to the edicts of the US Constitution and the aspirations of our wise forefathers are being ignored and are under an ideological assault by a radical regime intent upon delivering this country to certain ruin. This administration has continually compromised the best interests of the American people using faulty economic policies, failing miserably in our foreign affairs, and promoting the shameless advocacy of dependency on the federal government for the crumbs of social equality as compared to the brave principles of self-reliance that every citizen once took great pride in attaining.

History of indifference toward this nation

Now we have a White House that blatantly rules using the principles of propaganda and socialism that run counter to our great heritage of individual liberty. We have a President of questionable origin who has no actual allegiance to this great nation, but instead a bone to pick with free enterprise and genuine effort that comes from accountability. A man who used federal grants never repaid in order to take advantage of our educational system while doing as little as possible to make passing grades and succeed as foreign students are often given the benefit of a doubt. This man, who now makes millions while seated in the oval office and hypocritically uses class warfare to vilify the affluent and successful in our society.

Rationalizing terrorism

The deadly Benghazi attacks and the bungling response of the Obama White House are emblematic of a deep seated problem within the US government. The enemy from within protects terrorist organizations justifying their atrocities as being the work of past US foreign policy. This idealistic regime we call the Obama Administration would rather make excuses blaming the US as opposed to tracking down the killers of our Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, and 3 other Americans while more casualties mounted.

Capitulation Again?

According to the Daily Beast, Chairman of the GOP committee, Rogers, is already warning fellow Republicans that this probe could lead to a rabbit hole and conspiracy theories. Is not the entire Benghazi affair a study in a top down conspiracy to hide the truth? What rabbit hole? Yes, the US mainstream media can be counted upon to use the term “Conspiracy” to dismiss every plausible conclusion they deem inconvenient for their beloved messiah, President Obama. Such is the mentality of capitulation inherent in the weak and gutless GOP dominated Congress we now have, who has allowed themselves to be bulldozed at every turn and has aided and abetted the Obama White House in fundamentally transforming America into a mirror image of Communist dictatorships that remind many Chinese and other Asians of the very thing they fled from in their home countries.

Damning Conclusion

So, what does it all mean? Where will it all end? If the Benghazi Special Committee hearings produce irrefutable evidence of criminal violations will the DOJ act? Good question. If evidence linking the President to the obstruction of justice is proven do we get a Watergate scenario out of Capitol Hill? We would if the press hated Obama as badly as they hated Nixon, but will that happen? Likely not. Does that mean we should stop before we even venture an effort? No. We should press on in the name of justice even though justice does not exist under the present administration. Perhaps we will just have to settle with the truth. Yes, and maybe the assurance that a ruthless politician like Hillary Clinton will always be denied the possibility of the presidency here in America.

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