President Obama Disapproves of Continued Benghazi Probe (Gosh Really?)

Despite President Obama’s voiced objections to the Republican Party efforts to investigate the Benghazi attacks, this new round of inquiry will continue. As opposed to previous efforts under Darrel Issa who lacked the authority to enforce subpoenas for discovery of evidence, the new Select Committee under former prosecutor, Trey Gowdy, of South Carolina will have the power to see that legal demands for records will be honored by due process of law or there will be consequences.

Eluding the truth

So far the State Department has thwarted attempts at requests for evidence with slippery tactics that have allowed John Kerry to keep from having to answer to subpoenas or to testify relating to Benghazi under the probe conducted under Darrel Issa. The deplorable foot dragging and outright refusal to comply with legal discovery of documents relating to the negligence and obstruction of justice over this scandal have been appalling.

The news blackout

In all this reprehensible action by the White House we have a plethora of the US media’s finest continuing to run interference for the President and his staff of radical operatives bent on completing their mission. Such state controlled news agencies as Huffington Post, Yahoo, and the Daily Beast have continued to echo their marching orders from the White House attempting to vilify the GOP’s attempts at bringing this administration to justice for their blatant ambivalence to the law. No matter how incriminating the evidence seems these organizations and others will continually oppose efforts by those who uphold the US Constitution and expect our federal government to recognize it too.

Democrat propaganda

As Democrats criticize the continued efforts of the GOP to get to the bottom of the Benghazi tragedy by accusing Darrel Issa of over spending which is laughable in consideration for lavish expenses continually authorized by the White House, the delays and denial continue. Of course President Obama will object to the latest efforts by the Speaker of the House, John Boehner’s authorization of the Select Committee under Trey Gowdy as the trail gets warmer. Hopefully, Americans will know the truth behind numerous denials by the State Department for Ambassador Steven’s requests for more security measures. Hopefully, Trey Gowdy’s insistent demands for justification of military stand down orders over an attack that spanned 7 and a half hours will be thoroughly examined and the official who had the only rank to make such orders will be exposed and charged accordingly.

The continued cover-up

Hopefully, we will be enlightened as to why President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton saw fit to spend tax payer’s money to buy air time on Middle East TV saying they did not support the contents of an obscure film that supposedly upset Muslims. These kinds of charades were obviously perpetrated to misdirect the responsibility for the inept handling of the Benghazi attack and even intentionally hide the fact that a well-coordinated effort by Al Qaeda had caught the administration off-guard. Yet, even here we have a discrepancy when further investigation proved that Al Qaeda was already being awarded security contacts on other US diplomatic facilities and even border security for Libya while being allowed to knowingly infiltrate the Libyan government.

Serious implications

In the wake of 4 dead Americans (our Ambassador and Navy Seal included), and 20 additional US consulates destroyed all over North Africa and Middle East, we find that Libya is now a safe haven for a number of anti-American terrorist groups to train unmolested within that country free of retaliation by US forces! Has the federal government been compromised from within by elements of CAIR and other pro-Muslim groups or not? I would challenge anyone to try and defend the actions of our White House in the Benghazi scandal.

More of the same?

There will be a big question in all this as we await the initial results of the latest GOP effort at establishing who is responsible and why the convoluted efforts at obstructing the White House timeline of response to a well-documented series of events that transpired in the weeks before a deadly and well planned attack. Will the Republican led investigation finally lead to the lawful prosecution of those responsible, or are we going to once again witness a ceremonial mock probe, another paper tiger, just one more impotent attempt to placate public outrage?

Encouraging our enemies

It seems under the present White House numerous scandals that point to a top down origin of direction have been ignored or denied, from “Fast and Furious” to the NSA, from wiretapping of AP to the IRS scandal as Lois Lerner used the Fifth Amendment to elude questioning, it seems this Presidency is immune to prosecution. If our government has been effectively sabotaged from within just as we now find that our military veterans are being denied treatment by the VA, a dangerous signal is being sent to our enemies. An unwillingness by this administration to uphold the law and to hold those guilty accountable will only embolden the efforts of those who want to destroy this nation, especially when they see the federal government already doing its best to do the same.

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