Federal Government Out of Touch With The American People

Has it ever occurred to you that with all the false narratives of the Democratic Party and exploitation going on that the White House actually has little in common with the middle class American? Just think of all of the agendas constantly endorsed by the White House and ask yourself just how many of these issues are really on the minds of the American people, or for that matter even have any relevance to our way of life. An objective answer to that question may lead you to clearly see just how out of touch this present administration is with the common hard working American citizen.

Using amnesty to destabilize our society

Let us take, for instance, the immigration issue. The Democrats want complete amnesty for all illegal aliens even when 1700 of them were discovered to be terrorist or criminal elements from other countries besides Mexico and Latin America. President Obama ordered the release of 36,000 illegal aliens who had been apprehended for committing violent crimes back into the American population. With record numbers of Americans on food stamps, unemployment benefits, welfare, and at the lowest level of labor participation rate since 1978, the White House advocates amnesty! Those who will work cheaper for jobs that could be held by legal US citizens would flood the market and create even more unemployment among US citizens. However, to the federal government this does not matter!

Arrogance outweighs the best interests of the people

As the EPA continues to force American industry to meet more and more stringent standards that result in higher fees for compliance, jobs are lost through lay-offs, relocations, or closings. As the talk of global warming spins science into a politically correct religion we find that even the US media manipulates findings, alters the interviews of people who speak out publicly on the issue, or refuse to cover experts whose professional opinions clash with the faulty consensus of climate change. Americans trying to hang onto their jobs and pay their mortgages do not need more government tampering with energy supply as Cap and Trade defeated as a bill is merely carried out under regulatory actions by federal agencies ordered by the President to punish the American consumer. Once again, why does the White House impose its agenda upon an already beleaguered populace in a stagnating economy?

Destroying the moral foundation

The media runs one story after another about gay rights and athletes coming out of the closet as the federal government violates state’s rights and forces them to recognize gay marriage. The White House makes heroes out of gays coming out of the closet while refusing to acknowledge the contribution of churches to their role of charity and guidance in our society. The government refuses to adequately hospitalize our veterans, the true heroes of our society, by covering up deliberate negligence in our VA system. Of course this is an issue that is of little importance to the White House even though it hits home hard for the families of the wounded coming back from overseas. This matter is important to we Americans who recognize who our heroes really are.

Recreating injustice

In the last 6 years no one could have tried harder to stir up hostility in race relations as did the Obama administration with US Attorney General Eric Holder leading the charge. With allegations, diatribe, and bias this White House has been on a mission to create deeper division among people who normally co-exist in relative harmony, but there can be no political benefit for the left in a society that does not suffer from turmoil. There must be orchestrated strife set off by the actions of the federal government in order to make race relations into a problem that requires more deficit spending, more federal programs, and more hate speech from people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who outlived their usefulness a long time ago.

Unfortunately for these men, the clock cannot be turned back 50 years so that they can have a nostalgic reawakening of social relevance again. Manipulating black Americans into continuing their role as the conveniently victim and holding back generations of young people from experiencing their potential is what the Democratic Party is best at. There is nothing progressive about prolonging racial conflict in America if you are trying to guide and teach the young to be self-reliant, to have pride in themselves, and to cease their dependency upon the crumbs of mediocrity guaranteed to them by the government.

They know better than we do right?

Are Americans really interested or compelled to allow transgendered ranks within the military? The federal government thinks so. Is it really safe or advisable for boys to be allowed in girls bathrooms in elementary and middle schools? The federal government thinks it is. Is it really legal or morally permissible for a grown male to dress like a woman and display his genitals in front of girls in a school locker room? Why, the federal government thinks so. Why? Because they think they know better than we do what is on the intellectual high ground. They know what’s really best for us better than we do. We don’t need God in our classrooms or our court rooms. Why? Who needs moral and ethical guidelines? It is clear that our federal government thinks we don’t need decency.

Gestapo tactics

When we are now in an era where a man who disagrees with an out of control school board for wanting to impose classes on homosexuality because he objects to his child being exposed to such idiocy can be jailed, we are seeing the implications of liberal imposed fascism on a government sanctioned scale. When a professional can be sued and put out of business for refusing to be paid for a gay wedding when there are other professionals who might, whatever happened to the old phrase, “we reserve the right to refuse service if we so decide to”? When a bakery has to legally defend itself for opting out of serving a gay marriage, isn’t this a free country? Not any more, my friends. The kinder, gentler, government of liberally compassionate zealots has moved in.

Where did the authority come from?

Recently President Obama, using an executive order, declared a vast stretch of land in New Mexico, a federal monument. This means that the land can no longer be used for grazing animals by ranchers, for sightseeing by hikers, for hunting by the locals, or for camping by vacationers as it has been set aside as a wilderness no longer accessible to citizens of this country. This is part of the ultimate Agenda 21 initiative to take away useful land from the private domain and relegate people to ever smaller parcels of land along rail lines while government sanctioned wildernesses replace once cultivated and urbanized acreage used by the people. This international covenant imposed over the sovereignty of Americans by the United Nations is just another example of how the federal government refuses to honor our US Constitution and allow international law to restrict its own populace.

Rules for radicals

When did the success of the affluent, the prosperity of this nation, and the manner in which this abundance contributes back to the members of society become a sin? Well, to the federal government it’s a sin. Why? Because, class warfare is a most convenient way of stirring conflict in an otherwise harmonious society, this is from the very playbook of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. Keeping a society off balance, angry over the twisted agenda of greed, and imposing shame upon those who work hard, earn large sums of money, and have money to spend as a result of the fruits of their labor is reduced to being symptom of social injustice. This is a classic form of propaganda used by collectivists, statists, Communists, socialists, and all who live embittered in envy because they chose not to apply themselves and pay the price for success.

Bringing war among us

These ideologically implemented cases of federal government imposed sanctions to alter our way of life and our conception of right and wrong epitomize a social warfare that has been injected into our midst by a ruling class indifferent to the values we were raised with and that have been the cornerstone of American exceptionalism. Only by virtue of hard and honest work, a sense of patriotism, and a spirit of rugged independence was the great legacy of America built. Yet, we are now ruled by a government that teaches its employees that our founding fathers who wrote the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution were actually extremists and terrorists. I do not recall being taught this particular version of American history when I grew up and attended public schools.

For the people, by the people, of the people?

In view of this despicable transformation of a federal government who was to serve the people and listen to the will of its citizens, was it not our founding fathers, who foresaw and warned us of a time when the government would descend to such depths as it has now? Was it not their remedy of choice that under such conditions of federal government failure to acknowledge the Constitution of the Republic that the people had the right to rebel and break the chains that held them against their will in the shackles of tyranny just as the 13 colonies had experienced under the rule of King George prior to the American revolution? After all, this is a Constitutionally recognized method of correction.

It may not be possible

Mark Levin, well known conservative talk show host, speaks of the civil society that uses the rule of law to properly restore the balance of equilibrium to American society under assault by the Obama administration. He advocates the return to a Constitutional form of recovery that begins on grass roots level by the citizens in their homes, on the streets, from town hall meetings, and finally with the election of local leaders. This is a great and noble recommendation, but it could take generations. In doing so we must recognize that we are dealing with a tyrannical leftist movement that has begun to criminalize all means of legal citizen activism by assaulting many of our Constitutional amendments. The avenues of reform open to the US citizen are beginning to be revoked by the ruling class that now imposes its arrogant will upon us.

In part II we will discuss further the struggle we as Americans face if we want to restore the Republic and dissolve the ambivalent mind set of our leadership on Capitol Hill.

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